Joel Deering’s fatal mistake ‘exposed’ on Coronation Street as exit looms

Joel Deering
Joel Deering was exposed as Lauren Bolton’s attacked in shocking scenes last night – with the truth so far kept from the rest of Weatherfield, with Nathan Curtis being interviewed over Lauren’s disappearance

Nathan Curtis was questioned over Lauren Bolton’s abduction, and Joel Deering was revealed as Lauren Bolton’s attacker in startling scenes last night. The truth has been withheld from the rest of Weatherfield so far.

Joel Deering could be doomed after what looks to have been a catastrophic error on Coronation Street tonight.

The solicitor who attacked Lauren Bolton and may have killed her has finally been identified. The rest of Weatherfield is still certain that Nathan Curtis assaulted and killed Lauren, even though viewers know he is at fault.

But it seems like Joel could have made a major error tonight, one that, if it turned out to be found, would guarantee his doom. Joel was having a glass of wine at home with Dee-Dee at the conclusion of tonight’s programme, and she had no idea who he was.

He shifted her gently after seeing that she was sound sleeping on his chest, then he picked up the iPad and started researching Bethany. She is now determined to bring Nathan down after going through everything she did with him.

Bethany is determined to unseat Nathan. (Photo: ITV)

Joel used a standard browser to view the article after doing some research on Bethany. Could he explain away his search history concerning Bethany and Nathan to the police if they were to accuse him of the crime, or would it result in his arrest?

Joel is in the greatest possible position right now, however, since Nathan is being represented by him and no one is able to identify him. Joel even encourages Nathan to enter a guilty plea even if he chooses not to.

Joel ended up defending Nathan, who is likely going to go to jail for Lauren’s abduction, and Calum discussed this, saying, “It was a huge stroke of luck.” On the day Nathan was questioned, he was the on-call solicitor. He just so happens to be seated there on behalf of a guy who is falsely accused of the deed that he committed at the appropriate moment.

Joel is speaking on behalf of Nathan. (Photo: ITV)

When it is revealed that the hair in Nathan’s vehicle belongs to Lauren, he is just as astonished as Nathan. Nathan doesn’t matter to him. This could be the catalyst that frees Roy from jail and puts an end to Dee-Dee’s worry about Roy since, while he loves her, he feels guilty about it. It seems that the issue has been resolved.

Joel doesn’t feel bad about what’s happening with Nathan, Calum said.

It has no effect on him. I believe he is capable of rationalising anything he has ever done. In his opinion, he has never done anything wrong. He’s able to defend anything. He called Nathan “the scum of the earth, a groomer and rapist.”

Joel, on the other hand, saw himself as someone who first assisted a female, with whom he had a sexual connection. After that, the girl pushed his buttons and got what she wanted. Furthermore, Nathan has a completely devoid moral compass; he is capable of compartmentalising anything, therefore it is acceptable for him to bear the consequences of his actions.”

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