LONG TIME NO CASSIE Coronation Street villain returns in violent attack on Cassie Plummer and Michael Bailey

Things are starting to improve for Cassie Plummer as she appears committed to forming a relationship with her long-lost son Tyrone Dobbs.

Unfortunately, she and Abi Webster are in peril because a terrible criminal has returned to Coronation Street.

Cassie Plummer is trying to stay on top of her addictionsCredit: ITV
But Dean Turnbull could make things harder for herCredit: ITV
Michael Bailey gets attacked by the villain next weekCredit: ITV

Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman), the mother, gave Cassie (Claire Sweeney) the option of becoming clean in order to be engaged in Tyrone’s life or continuing to struggle with her heroin addiction.

Earlier this year, the two ladies quit the ITV cobbles to assist Cassandra in focusing solely on becoming sober.

Once back in Weatherfield, Cassie and Evelyn were eager to reconnect with their long-lost son Tyrone (Alan Halsall), who had always been told she was dead.

Cassandra informs Tyrone the next week that she would visit the Citizens Advice Bureau to begin looking for housing now that her life appears to be back on track.

He had no idea that Cassie really runs into Dean Turnbull, her heroin dealer, who becomes hostile because she owes him money. Dean Turnbull is Anthony Crank.

Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell), seeing Cassie collapse to the ground in agony, insists on bringing her to the hospital.

When Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) sees Michael and Dean arguing at A&E, she knows Dean has followed them.

Ronnie thinks they should contact the police when the drug dealer strikes Michael, but Cassie begs them not to.

Tyrone meets Kevin and Abi Webster (Michael Le Vell and Sally Carman) at No. 9 and tells Cassie that Abi is also a recovering drug user.

How will Cassie respond now that she is enraged?

Maybe Dean Turnbull will come to mind for regular fans of the Manchester-based drama as Abi’s former drug dealer.

He made a quick leave as Abi learned she was pregnant and had gone into early labor after making his debut appearance on the storied soap opera in March 2022.

Dean had just accelerated away, leaving Abi to struggle by herself in a remote area until another passing motorist assisted her.

Could he get Abi and Cassie into trouble?

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Cassie is introduced to Abi and Kevin WebsterCredit: ITV
But things don’t go according to plan for TyroneCredit: ITV

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