Coronation Street fans ‘sickened’ as serial killer Stephen Reid branded ‘sexy’

Following a viewer’s disgusting remarks about serial murderer Stephen Reid’s “dreamy eyes” and “raw sex appeal,” Coronation Street viewers became entangled in an unexpected argument.

Stephen Reid of Coronation Street has become the subject of an unexpected argument when a fan said that he has “raw sex appeal.”

After killing Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) in September 2022, the serial murderer, played by Todd Boyce, has been causing havoc on Weatherfield ever since.

Since then, he has killed other people, most recently businessman Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo) and Teddy Thompkins, the father of Leo (Grant Burgin).

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But it appears that his sinister behavior has only drawn a few admirers, as evidenced by one who remarked on his “dreamy eyes.”

One fan claimed Stephen has “raw sex appeal”

They posted the contentious view online, stating: “Has there ever been a soap character with the raw sex appeal of Stephen, I can’t focus when he’s on screen because I get lost in his dreamy eyes.”

Fans debated the unexpected subject while a second tweet, which was also published on Reddit, added: “I have to say Stephen brings a certain panache to his kills. anything that is uncommon among serial murderers.

Stephen murdered Leo Thompkins last year (Image: ITV)

They do state that we like a terrible lad, another viewer chimed in.

However, the tweet incited outrage from other followers when one wrote: “If this isn’t satire, I’m genuinely going to be sick.”

Someone’s had LSD tea, a second remarked in reference to the current plot in which he drugged Carla Connor (Alison King).

One person repeated: “I think he’s one of the creepiest weirdos I’ve seen in years,” while another concurred.

David will reportedly be “heavily involved” in Stephen’s downfall

Stephen’s demise is expected to occur later this year, according to Jack P. Shephard, who has played David Platt since 2000. He also indicated that his character is intimately engaged.

“Things are getting on top of him and people are starting to find out,” the 35-year-old said to Digital Spy.

Even if I haven’t read it yet, the actor said, “And I suppose I’m substantially interested in it! I’ve heard that I am. I’ve been told I’m in it, so that’s wonderful.

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