‘Never done it before’: Coronation Street legend’s drastic action to get rid of ‘disgusting’ character

Sarah in Gary and Maria's flat in Corrie
Sarah takes centre stage in the storyline (Picture: ITV)

As the investigation into Lauren Bolton’s (Cait Fitton) disappearance in Coronation Street heats up, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) is prepared to go to great lengths to ensure that anybody she believes to be at fault is held accountable.

When Bethany (Lucy Fallon), Sarah’s daughter, saw nasty abuser Nathan Curtis (Chris Harper) at a rebuilding site while looking for Lauren’s murderer, she was appalled.

The guy who seduced and sexually assaulted Bethany in 2017 looked to be attending an event much too coincidentally; he had to be somehow involved with Lauren’s abduction, right?

Sarah is willing to stop at nothing to keep Nathan as far away from Bethany as possible, according to Tina O’Brien.

She said, “She’s so angry and upset.”

“Nathan is right in front of her, acting really nasty, showing no concern for anyone or anything, and in fact, I think he’s kind of enjoying it.” In essence, he’s stating that he’s horrible, he won’t leave Weatherfield, and he’ll do anything he wants. Sarah first feels utterly powerless, but then she starts to formulate a strategy and becomes resolved to do whatever it takes to get rid of him from Bethany.

Sarah tries to buy Nathan’s departure with the money, but he refuses to go, thus her plan backfires.

“She feels like she’s done everything to get him out of Weatherfield, and then he just throws it in her face,” Tina said, describing her as upset.

Sarah is particularly worried that Bethany won’t feel comfortable at Weatherfield now that she understands how he’s impacting her and how she broke apart the previous time due to trauma. She doesn’t want her to feel like her only choice is to go again since she won’t want to always be watching over her shoulder.

Sarah wants to protect Bethany from Nathan (Picture: ITV)

It’s a move that could end up costing her a lot (Image: ITV).

Sarah, driven to extreme lengths, devises a scheme. Sarah takes the hair bobble that Lauren left at the Platts’ house with the intention of planting it at Nathan’s construction site.

“She’s never done anything like this before; she’s made poor choices, but she’s never deliberately broken the law,” Tina thought to herself. I believe she’s anxious and apprehensive, but she’s pushing those feelings to the back of her mind because she’s determined to do all in her power to ensure that he leaves her family and her kid alone.

“She’s terrified because she knows that she might be discovered here and charged.” She is obviously aware that it is against the law, but she hasn’t considered the repercussions since she is so focused on protecting Bethany.

As Sarah is “maybe not 100% sure” that Nathan is the reason for Lauren’s abduction, Tina acknowledges that Sarah feels ethically justified in her actions given the terrible effect Nathan’s actions had on Bethany’s life.

Sarah maintained, “If the police can’t find the evidence, then she’ll try and put it there. She feels that he’s responsible and this is justice.” She’s very certain he’s responsible for this. That is plenty because all the indications are pointing in his favour.

“I believe she feels a great deal of guilt for being misled about Bethany’s true situation.” She thus wants to make amends in every way she can since she is extremely guilty.

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