NO RETURN? Coronation Street to change forever as Jenny Connor makes a tough decision about the Rovers Return

Due to Jenny Connor’s significant choice about the Rovers Return, CORONATION Street is poised to undergo a permanent alteration.

Sally Ann Matthews, who plays the landlady in the ITV soap opera, has been fighting for months to keep things afloat.

Coronation Street is set to change forever as Jenny Connor made a huge decision about the Rovers Return
Could it be the end for the Rovers?Credit: Rex Features

Tonight, she finally gave up and acknowledged that the bar was only a few weeks away from closing.

It was too much for Jenny to see her regulars enjoying cheap supermarket alcohol and playing darts outside in Ed Bailey’s yard.

She told them that once the backstreet boozer was gone, they would miss it.

When she eventually informed Daisy how terrible things had gotten, they both worked to come up with money-making ideas, but Daisy advised her to think about selling.

Jenny may sell the bar and continue as management thanks to the brewery’s buyback option, simply needing to maintain a profit without the brewery’s 40% markup on alcohol.

Jenny phoned Newton and Ridley’s supervisor Phillip before making a significant choice.

But when the businessman informed her that they were more interested in disposals than buybacks, it wasn’t good news.

“I was able to convince him to come over here on Monday night and take a look at things,” she said to Glenda and Sean.

But would you purchase this property? The only things that are lacking are a tolling bell and a crow that hops all over the bar.

The Rovers’ possible closure has shocked the audience.

One person said, “Oh Corrie, you can’t get rid of the Rovers.”

Another person said, “We’d all miss the Rovers so much.”

“The Rovers can’t close!” said another. Without The Rovers, Coronation Street would not exist.

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