RHON-G TIME Rhona Goskirk devastated by baby Ivy news in Emmerdale

Can Rhona ever get custody of Ivy?

Rhona Goskirk was tricked by GUS Malcolms into thinking that he would grant her access to her biological daughter Ivy.

The beloved Emmerdale character is devastated the next week when she learns about the baby through her mother Mary Goskirk. How is she going to act?

Rhona has been desperate to be with baby IvyCredit: ITV
Rhona recently made a deal with Gus after she was charged with kidnappingCredit: ITV
But Gus made it clear that he wouldn’t keep to his wordCredit: ITV

Ivy, portrayed by Zoë Henry, abruptly entered Rhona’s life after her ex-husband Gus Malcolms informed the veterinarian that her frozen embryos had been utilized without her permission.

Rhona placed her life on nearly hold to be with the motherless infant, despite the violation, as she immediately grew attached to her.

This ultimately resulted in her abducting the child and planning to go to Canada for a fresh start; her friend Vanessa Woodfield had to intervene to stop her before she took the fatal blow.

Since then, Rhona has reported Gus to the police on suspicion of fraud because he had assumed her identity in order to obtain access to the frozen embryos.

Unfortunately for her, this did not absolve her of the kidnapping charges.

In more recent scenes from the ITV soap opera, Rhona and Gus (Alan McKenna) came to an understanding whereby Gus would let Rhona access to Ivy, but only if she would clear his name.

Unfortunately, Gus broke his half of the bargain, leaving Rhona devastated that she would not be able to spend time with baby Ivy.

Next week, Louise Jameson, who plays Rhona’s mother Mary, will show her the pictures of Ivy that she discovered on Gus’ social media.

Rhona is still staring at pictures of Ivy with tears in her eyes.

Rhona is coerced by Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) into attending her husband Marlon’s 50th birthday celebration.

Without Ivy, can Rhona get back up on her own?

Will she lose control and start acting on her behalf once more?

Rhona has promised to defend her rights over Ivy, and she even sought advice from Emmerdale attorney Ethan Anderson (Emile John).

Sadly for her, despite the tragic loss of his wife Lucy during childbirth, it seems that Gus is winning.

Will Rhona, though, be able to get Ivy?

Given that her stepdaughter April Windsor has shown feelings of neglect towards Rhona, might this be to the harm of her family?

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Rhona has been trying to figure out what rights she could have over IvyCredit: ITV
Will Gus ever let her have access to the baby?Credit: ITV

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