Ryan receives a major shock while livestreaming in Coronation Street spoiler video

In a brand-new Coronation Street spoiler video, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) receives a major shock after capping a webcast.

Ryan has been making a career by recording x-rated films, but he has so far been able to conceal his identity by using a filter.

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), who confronted him after hearing that Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) had overheard him having what he believed to be phone sex in his bedroom, is the only one who is aware of what he has been doing.

Daisy was disturbed when Ryan grudgingly acknowledged that he was generating easy money by recording sexual stuff.

Daisy wasn’t certain he was making the proper choices, but he said it made him feel good about himself.

When Ryan’s filter falls, he becomes agitated (Image: ITV).

He gave her the reassurance that no one had discovered he was the one behind the recordings as he had discovered a filter to conceal his identity.

But in the recently released spoiler video, he is shocked to find that his customer has identified him by his scars and that his filter has failed mid-stream.

Ryan sees the message from the person he has been broadcasting to, asking whether he is the man from the acid assault in the news, just before he closes his laptop.

Audiences will recall that earlier this year, Ryan was caught in the crossfire when acid-throwing stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) flung acid at Daisy. As a consequence, Ryan suffered lasting scars on his face and arm.

Ryan snaps back in a panic, insisting it’s not him, and slams the laptop shut.

He is obviously doubting his choices as he reclines on his bed and considers the possible consequences of this lapse in judgment.

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