Watch the moment Ryan Connor loses it with Carla Barlow in explosive Coronation Street video

A new spoiler video reveals that Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) will strike out at Carla Barlow (Alison King) in forthcoming Coronation Street scenes.

Ryan uses social media for the first time and impresses Carla and the factory ladies by posting a picture of his scars online. However, Beth Tinker (Lisa George) quickly draws attention to a disparaging remark.

Later, there is a miscommunication when Carla assumes that Ryan is furious over the critical comments left on his post. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Ryan was really upset about something else and hadn’t even read the remark.

When he stares, it is obvious that what has been said has injured him, and his attitude only worsens.

Carla advises him to remove the remarks and reassures him that the image is attractive, explaining that the factory girls showered him with praise when they first saw it.

Ryan yells and screams at a terrified Carla (ITV image).

Ryan becomes irritated at being the subject of talk in the workshop and, in his rage, breaks a glass, surprising Carla.

He absolutely loses it when Carla urges him to do so and accuses her of inciting his rage.

Thank goodness for scared Carla, Chris Gascoyne’s Peter Barlow interrupts Ryan’s rant and yanks him away.

While Carla reels at his outburst, he maintains composure as he grabs an uncontrollable Ryan and begs him to stop.

Carla and Peter are unaware of Ryan’s recent initiation of steroid usage, which is the cause of his volatile behaviour.

Viewers may be aware that Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmil), Ryan’s previous stepfather, formerly took steroids, and that Carla was the one who discovered this after seeing him buy them.

The moment she saw bruises on her closest friend Michelle Connor’s (Kym Marsh) arms, she knew they were making him angry.

Could Carla, armed with this knowledge, quickly break Ryan’s steroid addiction and put a stop to it before his conduct spirals out of control?

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