Coronation Street spoilers: Time runs out as Sarah and Audrey discover Stephen’s lies

The time is running out. (Image from ITV)

It quickly became clear that Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), who had just returned to Coronation Street, was in dire need of money and intended to take Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicolls) money.

He even asked Gabrielle (Helene Maksoud) to call Audrey and pose as a mortgage broker in order to access Audrey’s equity release funds, which was one of the methods he wanted to do this.

Even though Stephen was successful in collecting part of his mother’s money, the plan’s objectives altered as a consequence of Leo’s (Joe Frost) death, Audrey’s decision to amend the terms of her will, and Audrey taking Sam (Jude Riordan) on a luxurious vacation.

Coming up, Angelique comes to Underworld and informs the staff that the Nippersnapper contract won’t be renewed.

Then, when Stephen runs into Carla (Alison King), he lets her know that Michael (Ryan Russell) and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) are thinking about purchasing the business altogether.

Tim (Joe Duttine) informs Sarah that Stephen is a liar who claimed that he was coercively controlled by Gabrielle but then attempted to pass her off as a business consultant for the plant. Sarah runs into Tim at another location.

Tim is aware of Stephen’s awful news. (Image from ITV)

Sarah asks Audrey whether the statement has anything to do with the estate agent visit she had a few months ago that was arranged by Stephen as Audrey’s suspicions begin to increase. Audrey then passes the statement to Sarah as her suspicions continue to develop.

Although Sarah and Audrey are undoubtedly on to something, are they about to discover Stephen has taken Audrey’s money?

Todd Boyce said, “I like the way the story is developing and how all these little things are starting to add up.”

He believes that he can talk his way out of these difficulties for the time being, but in reality, the walls are beginning to close in on him. How will he explain the equity release letter? How is his mental state right now as he deals with the Rufus’ death investigation? It everything falls apart behind the scenes just when he thinks he is reaching where he wants to be.

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