Will Ella Forster & Cain Dingle Stay Or Go? Emmerdale Fans Speculate 


Speculation among fans erupted when Ella Forster and Cain Dingle discussed leaving Emmerdale village. Could the secret lie in Ella’s previous relationship with Meena Jutla? The big secret is out, and ideas are flying over social media. From Ella’s revelation as Ruth Davies to Cain’s startling admission, the suspense grows. Scroll down to learn more!

Cain & Ella’s Surprising Confession Sparks Social Media Frenzy

Ella Forster revealed her secrets to Cain Dingle in the most recent Emmerdale episode. And what do you know? Both of them are considering packing up and moving out of the village. Before, Ella’s thoughts had many speculating that she may be connected to the notorious Meena Jutla.

Some imagined they had met in prison, while others connected them back to their early years. But as it happens, Ella made a huge mistake years ago that landed her in prison for a very long period. Subsequently, staff meetings were held by the jail to determine her release date. The Emmerdale rookie had, however, been turned down twice.

EM/ Ella’s dark past secret is out

Experts eventually came to the conclusion that she was no longer a threat to the public. After being freed six years ago, Ella thought back, the most aggressive thing she had done was spill a pint over someone’s head. However, every time her truth was going to be revealed, she had to run. Will she also be leaving Emmerdale?

Similar to the moment Ella’s true identity was revealed to be Ruth Davies, the town was informed of an article regarding the girl. An event involving Ruth, then 11 years old, was described in the report as a “jealous frenzied attack” on Joanne, another 11-year-old.

EM/ Ella killed June’s daughter, Joanne, in the past

Emmerdale Fans Divided Over Cain Convincing Ella To Stay

Ella is about to leave Emmerdale now. She started to walk away, but Cain stopped her and said he had thought about leaving too. Ella said, sounding a little frustrated, that she didn’t want to subject herself to attention. Then she asked Cain to tell Liam how sorry she was.

She pointed out that, apart from June, he was the only one who had given her a feeling of belonging. After a pause, Cain answered Ella, confessing to her that he had joked earlier about moving in with Charity. Ella said that she was unable to support such a choice.

EM/ Both Cain and Ella consider leaving Dales

Cain countered by saying that maybe they wouldn’t feel pressured to act similarly if Ella hadn’t left. Following the Emmerdale episode, viewers took to social media to share their ideas and conjectures over Ella and Cain’s departure. Ella may even be linked to the Dingles, according to a fan theory.

A supporter begged Cain to stay, promising that he and Billy would make things tolerable for them. “It’s evident Ella is staying in the village,” another person said. For what reason was a new character introduced? Because of her name, Ruth, she will remain and somehow be tied to a Dingle.

EM/ Is Ella connected to Dingles?

According to a third Emmerdale fan, Ella seems to be unwanted by everyone. A fourth said, disappointed, “Why is Cain persuading Ella to stay?” Another said, “I’m not sure why, but that episode really got to me.” Ella should remain, I hope.

Would you rather Ella (Ruth) remain or go? And what do you think of the relationship between her and Liam? Tell us in the space provided for comments. For more Emmerdale information and spoilers till then, keep checking back to TV Season & Spoilers!

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