Coronation Street spoilers: More murder shocks as a third dead body is found

DS Swain gets an update (Picture: ITV)

Next week, Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) reign of evil on Coronation Street will come to an end, but not before wreaking further damage.

Stephen has committed the murders of Leo, Teddy, and Rufus and is now aware that time is running out.

Carla (Alison King) is speaking with DS Swain (Vicky Myers) about being given LSD by the villainous billionaire while Stephen makes arrangements to flee to Thailand.

Swain informs the detective that there is nothing the police can do at this time because Carla has no proof, but she then hands him a one-way ticket to Thailand and suggests that Stephen could be a flight risk.

In another scene, Brian (Peter Gunn) makes a remark about Stephen being interested in the canal dredging project, which causes Tim (Joe Duttine) to get preoccupied with Sally’s (Sally Dynevor) plans for their wedding anniversary.

The end is in sight (Picture: ITV)

Tim then moves to the canal towpath and discovers a broken boat hook. To his horror, a corpse’s hand rises to the surface as he starts to poke about in the water.

Tim calls 999 while running back to his cab and reports seeing a dead corpse, but the call is cut off.

Tim is horrified when Stephen jumps into the rear seat of the cab and tries to strangle him with a tie before he can phone back.

Thankfully, Tim makes an attempt to escape, but he trips over his shoelaces.

He struggles to stand up only to have Stephen hit him with a brick, rendering him unconscious.

Victim number four? (Picture: ITV)

No one is aware that Tim is battling for his life in the boot of Stephen’s car after Stephen doused it in gasoline when Stephen returns to Weatherfield and says he will be traveling to Thailand tomorrow.

Craig (Colson Smith) and Swain are by the canal at this time, watching their coworkers remove the roofbox containing Teddy’s remains.

Will Tim, who is still in his car, end up being Stephen’s fourth victim when the truth is eventually revealed?

And can the police establish that Stephen killed Leo, Teddy, and Rufus?

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