All clues from Lauren Bolton’s mysterious disappearance in Coronation Street revealed

Where is Lauren? (Picture: ITV)

Following her disappearance from Coronation Street, viewers have been speculating about what precisely happened to Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton).

After losing her job at the cafe, Lauren was last seen on television conversing with Roy Cropper (David Neilson) in her apartment.

Lauren told Roy that she intended to leave Weatherfield and start over when Roy stopped by to give her her last paycheck.

But when Bobby Crawford (Jack Carroll) went to visit her later, he discovered that not only was the front door of her apartment unlocked, but the entire property was deserted, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding her departure.

You can guarantee that we at are on top of every mystery that needs to be solved, and this one is no different.

So take a seat back, unwind, and let me, your neighborhood soap detective, walk you through all the hints leading up to Lauren’s abduction.

Lauren’s flat

The circumstances surrounding Lauren’s disappearance were immediately suspect, as we have already said, particularly the manner her apartment was left.

Not only was the door unlocked, giving Bobby unrestricted access, but a newly prepared sandwich was resting on a cutting board, as if she’d been interrupted mid-preparation.

Even though Lauren’s apartment has never been the cleanest, there were indications of hardship all throughout.

Not only that, but the radio had been turned on.

Given that Lauren didn’t depart on her own, we can conclude that someone else was involved based on all of these facts.

Furthermore, Bobby advises Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) to rent the apartment now that Lauren has left, but he is dissuaded when he sees bloodstains on the drapes in later scenes.

Was Lauren hurt, or even worse, was she killed?

Bobby reported Lauren’s disappearance and explained the state of her flat (Picture: ITV)

Roy’s clean up

In later scenes, Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) tells Roy that Lauren’s landlord has discovered that she is subletting, thus she has to give up her apartment.

Roy agrees to tidy up the home for her in an effort to be a good friend, but Bobby becomes quite suspicious when he sees Roy looking through Lauren’s belongings.

Following the discovery of blood, DS Swain (Vicky Myers) is notified by Bobby and Carla (Alison King). Bobby then goes on to explain to Swain how Roy got Lauren a place to live, gave her a job, and cleaned the apartment following her departure.

Roy is later arrested by DS Swain, but is this the proper guy for the job?

Lauren’s mystery boyfriend

Lauren had broken up with her lover, whose identity we never found out, before she vanished.

When Lauren started purchasing pricey gifts for her pals, we first learned about her new partner. Eventually, she came clean and revealed that the money was coming from him.

Similar like us viewers, Lauren’s friends frequently brought her boyfriend to social events and were curious to find out who she was seeing. But until their eventual breakup, Lauren would constantly come up with an explanation for why he couldn’t make it.

Lauren received a big bouquet of flowers after Tommy talked about buying some (Picture: ITV)

Lauren looks to be really disappointed at the way things ended. It appears that things did not go well. Is he the reason she vanished?

There is evidence to corroborate a number of the theories that have been floated about the identity of Lauren’s ex-boyfriend on the internet.

The first choice is Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn), who has been residing in Preston’s Petals for a considerable amount of time because to his extramarital affair with Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford). Given that he had previously mentioned needing to buy a bouquet, several viewers were curious as to whether Lauren’s man could have been the one to send her a bouquet of flowers.

Other choices are crooks Rob Donovan and Nathan Curtis, who, as far as we know, are both incarcerated and would not have been able to attend social functions.

The bruises on Lauren’s arm and her unexpected visitor

Bobby recently noticed bruises on Lauren’s arm. Although Lauren denied that her ex-boyfriend caused them, it is inexplicable that they showed up the day after she had an unexpected guest.

Though it’s hard to identify them, we believe that whoever it is must be involved in this mystery because we never witnessed them knocking on Lauren’s door.

Lauren and Bobby’s film night

Recently, Carla interrupted Lauren and Bobby as they were watching a movie together.

Lauren disclosed a narrative point during a discussion of the movie, and we couldn’t help but worry if it hinted at Lauren’s eventual demise.

With the exception of the part in which a character locks “a woman upstairs and lies about it,” Lauren informed Bobby she was enjoying the movie.

Is this an indication that Lauren has been abducted?


Lauren, who was having financial difficulties, created an O-Vidz account and started getting compensated for uploading videos for her fans.

Bobby informs Carla and Ryan that he is heading to meet the person who posted the information online, DirtyNigel54, claiming to have seen Lauren.

Could Lauren’s disappearance be solved by DirtyNigel54?

Lauren’s far right connections

Recently, in a desperate attempt to raise money, Lauren asked Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) whether she might sell Chit Chat Magazine her account of joining a far-right group.

Lauren connected Bethany with other far-right group members to help with her study.

But things didn’t work out this way, because Bethany eventually admitted that the people she had approached had sent her threatening texts.

Could Lauren’s choice to give the press permission to use her tale as a means of retaliation have caused her to vanish?

Bethany’s involvement

Speaking of Bethany, when she offered to assist with Lauren’s English tutoring, the two started to get along a little.

Could Lauren’s absence be what executive producer Iain MacLeod was alluding to when he said in October that Bethany would be a part of a major plot alongside Bobby that would take place across much of 2024?

“[Bethany] will also find herself at the center of this massive story that we have coming up next year, much like Jack Carroll’s character Bobby.”

Bethany was groomed by Nathan (Picture: ITV)

“So she’s returning to the Daniel [Osbourne (Rob Mallard)] story with a very clear romantic purpose, but she’ll also very quickly find herself in the middle of this huge story that will take up most of next year.”

This raises the question of whether the person who took Lauren is connected to Bethany in any way, which brings us back to Nathan Curtis.

In a terrifying plot, Nathan groomed Bethany back in 2017; is it possible that he was also grooming Lauren?

We wonder if Nathan has attempted to take Bethany out of the country again, as we know that she eventually managed to get away from him.

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