ITV Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver ‘unrecognisable’ as she unveils new look after weight loss

Star of Coronation Street Sue Cleaver, who lost three stone, has been called “unrecognisable” when she debuted her new appearance on Wednesday’s Lorraine.

Star of Coronation Street Sue Cleaver, who debuted her new appearance on Wednesday’s Lorraine, has been called “unrecognisable.”

The 60-year-old soap star, who has been on the cobbles as Eileen Grimshaw since 2000, has been transparent about her three-stone weight loss journey and the terrible health challenges that have contributed to it. When the soap star made an appearance on Wednesday’s Lorraine to discuss her new part as Mother Superior in the touring Sister Act The Musical, host Lorraine Kelly was enamored with her “smashing” new appearance.

Due to the weight of her character’s outfit and nun head covering, Sue joked that she had all of her hair chopped off for the part. “It’s so heavy!” exclaimed the actress. I had to try it on, and because it’s so heavy, I shaved all of my hair off to make it simpler to put on and take off.

Sue’s fresh appearance prompted anchor Lorraine to remark, “I have to say, you are looking smashing.” You truly are, and although I am aware that you have had some health issues in the past, you look fantastic. You are a superwoman at your best! Do you sense that?

Sue acknowledged this, saying, “Yes, I do! I feel like I’ve been on a journey since I raised my son and have always put him first. Subsequently, I realized that once he was gone, this was my decade and it was my time. She continued, laughing, “So he’s gone [moved out], he’s 28 now. Love you, Elliot, don’t come back!

Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver has been labelled ‘unrecognisable’ as she unveiled her new look on Wednesday’s Lorraine ( Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)
The actress is best known for playing Eileen Grimshaw ( Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

“Now that I’m sixty, I’ve just decided that this decade is mine. I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m going to do what I want to do, come out of hiding, and stop being this mom who always said, “This is my top priority.” All I want to do is do fun things. I entered the woods at the beginning of it.”

Sue’s new appearance also astounded viewers, who took to social media to express their opinions. “You look amazing!” was said by someone, and “Sue Cleaver looking amazing, I did not recognise her #lorraine” was commented by another.

Sue from Coronation Street gave up drinking and shed an amazing three stone. “I went on HRT about a year and a half ago and realized I should have done that about five years ago,” the TV actress previously told The Sun.

“I was walking around in a bit of a fog and then I literally made some massive changes.” Sue said that during lockdown, she drank wine and gained “a lot of weight”. She continued: “Then I did dry January and I thought: ‘I wonder what life would be like if I stopped completely?'”

Sue is playing Mother Superior in the touring Sister Act The Musical (pictured) ( Image: OLIVER ROSSER/FeastCreative)

Sue told Prima Magazine in March 2023 that she doesn’t stress over diets and self-weighing in order to be clear: “Life is difficult enough; I’m not obsessed over diets, even though I dropped some weight in the jungle! I refuse to give in to the unreasonable expectations and external pressure that are always imposed on women.

“That’s why I’ll never promote anything weight-related, and it’s why I’d always compliment somebody on their smile or outfit, rather than their weight.” Sue, meanwhile, talked about the “shame” and “judgement” she has faced for losing weight when she appeared on Loose Women earlier this year. She clarified that this is mostly because of a downturn in her health.

“My weight has been up and down, all over the place, and red wine has helped a lot of it,” she stated. I’ve been sick this year, so my metabolism seems to have changed for some reason, even though I am currently much slimmer.”

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