Channique Sterling-Brown hits back at troll backlash over Coronation Street interracial couple

Dee-Dee and Joel recently started dating (Picture: ITV)

Channique Sterling-Brown of Coronation Street has replied to remarks made by trolls over her most recent plot.

Dee-Dee Bailey, played by Channique, just began dating Joel, a duty solicitor.

Although Joel, portrayed by Hollyoaks’ Calum Lill, is loving getting to know Dee-Dee and vice versa, some Corrie viewers haven’t been paying attention to the relationship.

Channique said to Digital Spy that she has “heard some remarks about us [Dee-Dee and Joel] being an interracial couple.”

Almost like, “God forbid, an interracial couple on the street.” Because the connection had nothing to do with race, I just found it to be so odd. It actually is just about two individuals who have met and are now in that slobbery, nasty honeymoon stage.

Dee-Dee made her arrival last year (Picture: ITV)

“As a Black woman in the industry, I think we do place limitations on how we’re going to be presented, especially romantically,” she stated. Therefore, I feel like we are either oversexualized or undersexualized as Black female characters, depending on whether we are the sexual interest, just the friend-zoned lady, or whatever.

The phrase “you’re playing the race card” annoys me. Nobody is bringing up race in this. People presume it is “other” since they only see that. However, it is actually not the case at all.

Channique recently shared her thoughts on what Dee-Dee may expect as this relationship progresses: “Calum Lill, who plays Joel, is wonderful and we’re having a lot of fun getting to know each other and getting to know the characters.”

Stephen’s downfall is upon us (Picture: ITV)

We’re going to see Dee-Dee in a little bit of a different light, and I think that’s very enjoyable for me to explore as an actor. Hopefully the audience will appreciate it, and it’s good to have a little bit of happiness and love, really!

Meanwhile, Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) terror reign will come to an end on Corrie the next week.

Stephen will take center stage during Super Soap Week as he plots an escape from Weatherfield after killing Leo, Teddy, and Rufus, but who will attempt to obstruct him?

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