Coronation Street spoilers: Carla devastated by news from the police

Swain had some news (Picture: ITV)

When Carla Connor (Alison King) learned the results of her LSD test on Coronation Street, she was left in a rut.

Carla’s suspicions about having LSD in her system were verified by the clinic, which led her to try to figure out who had injected her.

Carla initially searched through a few dates in her diary to confirm that it was really Rufus. She was unable to, so she went to the factory to work in order to divert her attention.

Michael (Ryan Russell) dropped by the workplace with a cup of tea while she was there.

Michael made it improperly and noted that Sarah or Stephen (Todd Boyce or Tina O’Brien) normally make it for her.

Carla reasoned that it had to have been Stephen since she knew Sarah wouldn’t have drugged her.

In front of Sarah and Michael, Carla quickly confronted him, but Stephen was able to dismiss her because of how absurd her statements sounded.

Carla then proceeded to the station where she spoke with DS Swain (Vicky Myers). Swain’s explanation that they can’t truly investigate Carla’s claims since there isn’t any tangible evidence left her feeling tremendously irritated.

Carla wanted the truth (Picture: ITV)

Swain then made his way back to the cobbles to see Carla. She said it would be safer if she avoided Stephen completely because the cops are looking into him.

Given that Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), who is intending to move to Thailand with him, is Carla’s primary concern, Swain advised her to wait before telling her.

However, neither Swain nor Carla realized he was listening as they conversed about the cops apprehending Stephen.

Stephen will spend the coming week attempting to leave England for a new life overseas before the police catch up with him.

Will he, however, be successful?

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