Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen kills again as he is confronted over murders? 

Who is the truth-teller? (Image from ITV)

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Todd Boyce’s character, Stephen Reid, is perplexed as he begins to question whether someone is aware that he killed Rufus (Steven Meo).

In a recent episode of the ITV soap opera, the villainous businessman drowned Rufus after offering Michael (Ryan Russell) a job in London and threatening to inform someone about him drugging Carla with LSD.

While Stephen does his best to keep Underworld operating, he has time to show Owen and Angelique his new automobile shortly, but he then gets a hand-delivered letter.

Stephen picks it up out of curiosity and reads one sentence inside that says, “I know what you did to Rufus.”

Stephen finds it difficult to join the others in the bar in their celebration of the second Nippersnapper order.

Stephen is confronted by the two young men he attempted to purchase LSD from as he makes his way back to the workplace. They admit to sending the letter and want £10k in cash or they’ll call the police.

How will Stephen respond, though?

Is this proof that Stephen would murder these two kids next since they’ve threatened to divulge one of his secrets in the past and died as a result?

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