Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona is moved by Mary’s emotional admission

What choice will Mary make? (Images from ITV)

Since Mary (Louise Jameson) moved to Emmerdale last year, there have been many ups and downs in their relationship with Rhona (Zoe Henry). Rhona was first shocked when Mary came out as homosexual and was enraged that her mother had concealed her sexuality during their marriage to Rhona’s father. This made Rhona wonder whether her whole life had been founded on a lie.

After this was settled, Mary quickly established herself as a regular at Smithy Cottage and proved to be a tremendous help and comfort to the family both before and after Marlon’s (Mark Charnock) stroke.

Mary was the most vocal opponent of the plan and she and Rhona disagreed with each other so vehemently that at one point Mary was about to leave when Rhona’s ex-husband, Gus (Alan McKenna), recently appeared in the village to ask Rhona’s permission to use some embryos they’d had frozen when they were together.

We learned from Zoe Henry that Rhona and Mary’s turbulent relationship is a result of their shared past.

Mary is a bright force of nature, but because of her strong opinions, Rhona probably finds it challenging to function in the presence of Mary. “I believe they have experienced a very trying past themselves.” I believe that a little part of Rhona is still a young girl and wants to go against what her mother advises.

While Rhona may feel like defying her mother, heartwarming moments in a forthcoming episode show the real depth of Mary’s love for her child as she chooses to prioritise Rhona when faced with a crucial choice.

Faye (Jane Gurnett), a person Mary met on a dating app, has lately captured Mary’s heart. Faye had to go to do some charitable work in Ecuador not long after the two had first met. She eventually returned, and the couple’s bond became stronger despite Mary’s half-anticipation that she would never be heard from again.

Thus, when Faye invites Mary to accompany her when she returns to Ecuador to assist with the management of a women’s shelter, it marks a significant turning point in Mary’s life. Although Mary is strongly tempted, she informs Rhona that she has chosen to remain in the community.

Mary provides a one-word response when Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) later asks her why she made this choice: “Rhona.” Mary wants to prioritise her bond with her kid.

Naturally, Suzy has just found herself in a similar circumstance when she got the opportunity to travel to Canada with Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick). She admits to Mary that she wishes she had gone with the person she loves and followed her heart.

Does this influence Mary’s choice?

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