Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars unite in crossover snap

The soap opera actors get along quite well in real life (Images from Instagram/Jude Riordan).

Jude Riordan, who plays William Flanagan on Coronation Street, Amelia Flanagan, and Isabella Flanagan recently posted a cute photo together.

Jude collaborates with Isabella and William, who are siblings but portray the cousins Hope Stape and Joseph Brown in the television series Corrie.

Amelia, the elder sister of Isabella and William, portrays April Windsor, Marlon’s (Mark Charnock) daughter, in Emmerdale.

They have known each other for a very long time and are often spotted spending time together when they are not acting out their roles in the movies.

Jude, who plays Sam Blakeman on Coronation Street, recently went holiday shopping with the Flanagans.

He can be seen in two pictures: one with Isabella next to him, and another with all the kids together.

He added, “Holiday shopping with this lot!” as a note.

When you’re all in the same nation but in separate states at the same time!

He joked, “PS don’t you think I could pass as a Flanagan?”

Jude’s article attracted a lot of supportive responses, many of which noted that the young performers represent the future of soap opera talent.

Sam and Hope made the decision to date each other. (Image from ITV)

What skill in the final image. One follower said, “4 incredible young actors and the talent of the future!”

Another person said, “You are all incredible actors and put some of the adults to shame!”

The characters of Jude and Isabella just through a difficult few weeks after deciding to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sam rejected Hope and suggested that they take a break after learning that she had ruined Eliza’s (Savannah Kunyo) birthday party on purpose.

Sincerely, we haven’t moved on.

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