EastEnders spoilers: Ben orders Callum out as he gets closer to the truth

Devastated Callum was urged to leave by distraught Ben. (Image: BBC)

In recent EastEnders scenes, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) came close to his spouse Callum Highway (Tony Clay) about his eating condition, but things changed when their conversation became sour.

Following multiple terrible occurrences in his life, Ben has been fighting bulimia for a while. Up until lately, he was suffering in silence.

But when Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) began to realise something wasn’t quite right about his behaviours around food, she quickly realised something wasn’t quite right.

After her ex-boyfriend ruined her confidence, she confided in him that she thought he could have an eating issue and related her own experiences with purging to feel like she had some control over her life.

Ben didn’t want to talk about it at first, but he later met Honey at the café to hear what she had to say.

Honey pushed Ben to open up to Callum because she was afraid that if he didn’t, he may wind up pushing him away instead. Honey remembered how Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) was always there to support her when things became difficult.

Ben contacted Callum and informed him that they needed to speak after deciding to heed Honey’s counsel.

Dad Phil (Steve McFadden), who had earlier in the day seen Ben and Honey arguing outside the vehicle dealership, approached him shortly after.

Ben was persuaded by Honey to talk to Callum. (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

Phil insisted that his son keep his family together and not display any signs of weakness despite not being aware of how much his son was hurting. Ben ran out, leaving Phil perplexed, indicating that his remarks had definitely left him feeling overburdened.

Ben was surprised to see Callum home early and eager to speak when he returned from the restroom at home.

Worried Ben was quick to admit that Lola’s death had had a significant effect on him when Callum pushed him to do so.

Conversation between Callum and Ben turned into a fight. (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

When daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) lost her mother, he said that he felt bad about not being there for her and that he thought things had gone out of hand.

Callum was sympathetic, saying that he was courageous to acknowledge he was having difficulties and that Lola’s passing and his interaction with Lewis Butler must have had an impact on him.

Ben, however, immediately reacted defensively when Lewis the rapist was mentioned, arguing it wasn’t what he was talking about.

Ben’s guard rose as he asserted that Callum must be obsessed with what had occurred to keep bringing it up, despite Callum’s argument that it was certain to have impacted him.

Distraught Ben explained to Callum that the only way to assist him would be to go since he knew he wouldn’t comprehend.

Callum, who was devastated, obeyed and left Ben alone in the apartment.

Will Ben’s sickness ever be revealed to Callum?

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