Coronation Street fans ‘rumble’ who’s targeting Abi – and it’s ‘not Cassie’

Coronation Street fans think they know which character is out to get Abi Franklin, and they don't think it's Cassie Plummer
Coronation Street fans think they know which character is out to get Abi Franklin, and they don’t think it’s Cassie Plummer (Image: ITV)

Despite one character claiming they are innocent on the ITV soap opera, Coronation Street watchers believe they have figured out who actually targeted Abi Franklin in a deepfake sex tape scheme.

Fans of Coronation Street believe they know who is trying to harm Abi Franklin, and it’s not Cassie Plummer.

While many viewers of the ITV soap opera still believe Cassie is responsible for Abi’s targeted deepfake sex tape incident, some fans believe someone else is pursuing Abi for an unidentified motive. Last week, we saw drug dealer Dean deny any wrongdoing as Abi accused him of being the one responsible. Abi was shocked to learn that a sex video she had no memory of from her past had been leaked online.

She quickly discovered that she had been set up and that the person she had assumed was responsible was not. In addition, there were other films, and it was soon discovered that these were deepfakes that had been edited to overlay a person’s face with Abi’s.

Abi decided to investigate who was targeting her and why after realising she was being targeted. Another player facing charges is Max Turner, who was just turned down by Abi’s business colleague Kevin Webster for a business deal.

Is Max Turner targeting Abi Franklin on Corrie? ( Image: ITV)

Kevin’s garage website needed to be redesigned, and Max volunteered to do it for around £1,000. After all his work, he was disappointed when Kevin wouldn’t give him this much money.

Max has a history of wrongdoing, including joining an extreme organisation and tampering with people’s beverages. Kevin realised that someone skilled with technology needed to be involved and blamed Max, but Max wouldn’t give up his laptop.

Fans took to X and conjectured that, despite having no reason, Max may be responsible. “I think it was Max, he’s strange,” one fan said on social media, while another added, “I wouldn’t trust Max when you consider how messed up his real father was.”

“I believe Max is the one uploading those deepfake videos of Abi,” a third admirer said. Do you recall when Kevin declined to pay Max to build a website for his garage? Might be an act of retaliation.” Another remark said, “If Max really had nothing to hide, why wouldn’t he simply give up his laptop and clean his name? Just stating.”

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