Coronation Street fans say it’s ‘obvious’ as they work out who stole Tyrone’s car

Viewers saw the mechanic was left in a bit of a flap when he discovered his motor had gone

Evelyn Plummer and Tyrone Dobbs in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

Fans of Coronation Street have been eager to assign blame after they have “figured out” who stole Tyrone Dobbs’ vehicle. When the technician found out his motor had died on Wednesday night’s (September 13) ITV soap opera, he was quite taken aback.

In her quest to uncover the truth, Tyrone requested his mother Cassie Plummer to drop off his kids, Hope and Ruby, at school. Having just recently reunited with the family—despite Tyrone being informed that her was deceased—she was thrilled about the request.

Later, Tyrone was overheard providing an update on his stolen vehicle. He said that he believed some joyriders were responsible and that he would be able to file a claim with his insurance. Fans of Corrie, though, are much more dubious.

They have posted their views on social media and believe that Cassie, or at least her drug dealer, who she fought to ignore because she owed him money, may have been involved.

“That dealer has obviously stolen Tyrone’s car, but we’ll drag this out till Christmas #Corrie,” tweeted user @kaytweets_x. Runninoncaffine posted: “Tyrone’s vehicle was stolen, and Cassie knows who did it! @itvcorrie #Corrie.”

As an alternative, however, @Tongueflicker offered: “@itvcorrie #coronationstreet #corrie How likely is it that Tyrone’s mother stole the vehicle? A “very high…” response was given by @Pilch1972 to which @BerniKennedy queried, “Flogged it? Use #corrie. Posted by @fussyMcWhiskers: “#Corrie Who stole Tyrone’s automobile, I wonder? Cassie “”

It happens after viewers speculated that, based on certain “hints” in the ITV soap opera, Weatherfield would be welcome back a resident. Evelyn Plummer became enraged with Tyrone last week for keeping his mother’s presence in the family home a secret from his wife Fiz.

Tyrone ended up calling his wife through video conference, telling her everything, with Fiz visible on the screen, after Evelyn threatened to talk with Fiz directly. Tyrone said as the conversation was coming to a close that Fiz was OK with Cassie being at the home. However, what would Cassie think of her mother-in-law, and will anything lead to the character’s full-time return?

Having lived in Weatherfield for more than 20 years, Fiz just departed the neighbourhood earlier this year to pursue a career opportunity, while actress Jennie McAlpine was really on maternity leave to deliver her third child.

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