Emmerdale’s Moira Dingle issues threat to Cain as he leaves the village

Cain is taking a mysterious trip with brother Caleb.

Cain’s spouse has been threatened by Moira Dingle since he chose to leave the Emmerdale community.

Though fans are still in the dark about the specifics, Cain has been surreptitiously planning a vacation for himself and his half-brother Caleb this week.

It was during Wednesday’s (September 13) episode that Moira began to suspect that Cain was up to something, but Chas Dingle was the first to figure it out.

To Moira’s amazement, Cain abruptly revealed that Caleb had secured a job importing vehicles from Holland and that he would need to leave town right now.

“How long have you two been travelling together since you couldn’t stand the guy a few weeks ago?” Moira had a valid question.

Cain attempted to silence his spouse. “It’s work, and it pays well,” he retaliated.

When Nate stopped up for a beer and said he hadn’t heard anything from Caleb about importing automobiles from Holland, his falsehoods were very quickly revealed.

The garage would be understaffed, Moira pointed out, but Cain claimed it was “a no-brainer” since he would make more money with Caleb.

“It’s something that needs to be investigated,” Moira confessed in Nate.

Moira confronted Caleb along with Nate and Lewis, asking why he was leaving so quickly. Following Cain’s lead, Caleb informed them that he had just learned about the automobile cargo the previous evening.

Nate questioned if Cain and Caleb were really seeking retribution against mobster Harry, but Caleb silenced them by stating that the main point of this was about importing automobiles. He was told by Moira to locate a different mechanic for his journey.

Even after Moira had told him not to trust Caleb, Cain was still preparing to leave town. At last, Cain conceded that the tale was made up, but he still urged her to have faith in him.

Moira advised him, “You do what you want, you’ll do it anyway.” “However, don’t be too shocked if you return and the locks have changed!”

As the show came to an end, Moira overheard Caleb telling his brother that he was being held accountable for being “the instigator” but that he would “take the heat” from everyone.

Caleb promised, “We’re in this together, no matter how it ends.”

As Cain was leaving, Moira came over, but they exchanged no words as he went out the door.

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