Coronation Street spoilers: Courtney’s suspicious act after request from Aadi

Not quite keen, that is. (Image: ITV)

Soon after finding out about Aadi’s (Adam Hussain) and Courtney Vance’s (Stephanie Davis) romance, Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) in Coronation Street makes the decision to act.

When Dev saw Courtney and Aadi kissing during yesterday’s ITV soap opera episode, the truth was out.

Dev was very appalled and brought up how the affair would affect him since he has been collaborating so closely with Courtney’s husband Darren (Ryan Early) in recent weeks.

In tonight’s episode, a frantic Dev promises Darren that he will speak with Aadi and help him understand things, but a fresh week has shown that his son and Courtney aren’t showing any indications of stopping their time spent together.

Aadi recommends to Courtney that she contribute to the home expenses at Dev’s request.

Why is Courtney evasive?

According to Stephanie Davis, Courtney’s marriage to Darren was mostly characterised by her non-work and her use of Darren’s credit card to fulfil her desires. Since she doesn’t truly have any money, would she be unwilling to pay the rent?

Dev just learned about Aadi’s relationship. (Image: ITV)

Or is there a connection to her true feelings for Aadi?

Ryan Early thought about how this might affect Darren and Courtney’s relationship and said:

“He will not approach her and beg for her pardon or return; instead, he will endeavour to equalise her in terms of humiliation.” In addition to making her pay emotionally, he will also keep her aware of what she is missing and serve as a constant reminder that her life would be much less pleasant without him, the attention, and the credit card.

“He is going to significantly worsen the situation before it has a chance to improve.”

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