Coronation Street fans say ‘oh God’ as they work out who Leanne Battersby is talking to and it’s ‘not Rowan’

The ITV soap character hasn’t quite been herself ever since she became swept up with Rowan and ‘The Institute’

Leanne Battersby in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

Fans of Coronation Street, who were worried that Leanne Battersby was falling for her mentor Rowan Cunliffe, believe they have figured out who she is speaking to. The ITV soap opera star hasn’t been who she used to be since she became involved with Rowan and “The Institute.”

However, as Jane Danson’s character Leanne becomes more and more enthralled with Rowan and “The Institute,” to which she has previously contributed funds for retreats and supplements, her sister Toyah Habeeb is becoming more and more intimate with Leanne’s fiancé Nick Tilsley.

He has helped her get past her own pain when she first disclosed information about the stillborn child she lost many years ago. Nick intervened when Leanne was unable to stand by her brother, and he has since been perplexed by his partner’s actions.

On Monday, June 3, viewers watched as Leanne arrived home from the retreat late. But when Ken Barlow disclosed that he was at their apartment to bid farewell to Simon Barlow, she was swiftly brought back to reality with a bang.

She was furious with her family for not notifying her when she learned that he was leaving Weatherfield to work with his dad on a boat. Nick clarified, however, that while her phone was off, he had notified Rowan about Simon but had forgotten to forward the message. As Nick and Toyah continued to attempt to console her, she quickly stormed out and subsequently broke down in tears as she waved Simon away.

But once again, she fled in tears, and when she returned to the apartment, onlookers witnessed her chatting on her laptop with an unknown individual. When Leanne informed them she felt alone and wished she could be among them, the people watching did not react, so they were unable to see or hear who it was.

It happened after Leanne said Simon farewell with tears in her eyes (Image: ITV)

Using social media, some Corrie fans quickly deduced that she was talking to Rowan, while others had a different idea. It was tweeted by @reploverlore, “Oh God, Leanne is in love with Rowan #Corrie.” @mikepriestley13 questioned, “Is Leanne and Rowan having an affair? At the conclusion of the episode, was that the person she was chatting to? #Corrie. However, @CharJameson1980 retorted, saying, “I believe this is a photo of her deceased son.”

“I believe it was a photo of Oliver,” said @B73Shell. “I’m pretty sure she was taking to Oliver there, not Rowan, but who knows #Corrie,” tweeted @ifeelflames. @Chay_Rix continued, saying, “I believe that this cult is utilising Leanne’s conversation with Oliver to keep her there. Somehow, she’s conversing with Oliver #Corrie.”

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