Coronation Street’s Dee Dee reveals sad reason 100lb weight loss made her ‘uncomfortable’

Channique Sterling-Brown
Channique Sterling-Brown, who plays Dee-Dee Bailey in ITV’s Coronation Street, looks unrecognisable after losing 100lbs f (Image: Instagram)

After years of being ‘obsessed’ with her weight, Channique Sterling-Brown, who portrays Dee-Dee Bailey on ITV’s Coronation Street, lost 100 pounds and no longer resembles the person.

In a touching Instagram post, Channique Sterling-Brown of Coronation Street shared the drawbacks of her amazing weight reduction journey.

The actress, who portrays Dee-Dee Bailey on the ITV soap opera, has been open about her opulent lifestyle on social media. Most recently, she was a part of an intense plot in which her character advocated for Roy Cropper’s release from jail for the murder of Lauren Bolton.

But last month, it came to light that Lauren’s true killer was her on-screen lover Joel Deering (Callum Lill). The actress has been concentrating on her health off-screen; she and her co-stars recently finished the Manchester 10k marathon.

Embracing her golden medal with pride, the 27-year-old actress shared details of her major weight reduction struggle over the years in a recent Instagram post. She acknowledged that she had tried several “diets, shakes, and tablets” and had been “obsessed” with her weight for years before shedding 100 pounds.

In her recent Instagram post, the 27-year-old actress proudly displayed her golden medal ( Image: Instagram)
The star has been candid about her glamorous lifestyle online ( Image: Getty Images)

She also disclosed that “uncomfortable comments” were a drawback of her weight reduction and that she had taken a hiatus from social media to concentrate on her mental health.

The TV star then shared a striking before and after picture with her 16,000 virtual fans. A few years ago, everything became pretty awful and she started losing control of herself. This is how she communicated her spiral of self-loathing. It is a s**t way to live to hate oneself. I unfollowed every page with gorgeous, unrealistic physique when I returned to social media after taking a more than month-long hiatus, according to the Daily Star.

“Consuming those images daily used to send me spiralling,” she said, revealing how viewing these images would make her feel depressed. Making comparisons kills. Rather, I choose to follow ladies that more closely like myself in terms of abilities, complexion tone, and figure.”

She made the decision to follow ladies that more closely resembled her own talents, form, and skin tone. Her achievement was a result of this mental shift, where she began to place a higher priority on her fitness and well-being. “I stopped seeing the gym as punishment for being fat and started focusing on fitness,” the TV personality said. My high school physical education instructor would get furious when I began to love working out for the first time.”

Her weight loss became gradually apparent to her. “I didn’t realise I had lost weight until my clothing started to become baggy on me. Then there’s the thrill of having a new outfit and feeling fitter because a b**ch enjoys shopping.”

But as the weight started to come off, she was surprised at how many compliments she got from family and friends on her appearance rather than her achievements. “But then came the compliments,” she said, “which strangely made me feel really uneasy.” I smiled awkwardly when people complimented my appearance rather than my first-class degree.”

“Then feel nervous, wondering whether others would notice if I gain weight. It was as if my poisonous ideas had always been lurking in the back of everyone else’s mind.”

“I understand that when people commend weight reduction, they mean no harm, but it’s depressing when it takes centre stage in your accomplishments. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pleased of myself, but it has to do with the fact that I’ve been vegetarian for two years, which has made me healthier and happier overall.”

Naturally, I still have my moments and there are things I would alter. But I’ve learned to keep things going; if you let those bad ideas grow, they’ll take over.”

The actress spoke about how this experience has changed her perspective on contemporary beauty standards and how she has personally developed as a result. “The real glow up,” Channique said, “is changing how I see myself and unlearning the toxic beauty standards society feeds us.” I’ve come to the realisation that the woman on the left is just as awful as the one on the right.”

“Let’s build each other up for more than just our dress size/ I always want to be known for my love, laughter and loudness, not the body they live in.”

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