Coronation Street fans ‘solve’ who’s behind Abi deepfakes – and it’s ‘not Cassie’

Coronation Street fans questioned if the latest episode ruled someone out as being the culprit behind the cruel deepfake videos of Abi Franklin on the ITV soap, which airs on Virgin Media in Ireland.

Coronation Street fans think the latest scenes on the ITV soap may have hinted who is targeting Abi Franklin (Image: ITV)

Supporters of Coronation Street believe that recent scenes from the ITV soap opera, which is shown in Ireland on Virgin Media, may have revealed Abi Franklin’s target.

Following a fight in the most recent episode, several fans were sure a character may be eliminated. Deepfake pornographic movies of Abi have been made and shared on the internet and social media.

Abi is aware that someone is trying to harm her, even if she is unsure of who did it or why. Fans have believed Cassie Plummer, Abi’s nemesis, is to fault for weeks now because of her obvious desires for Abi’s husband Kevin Webster.

However, several fans were persuaded by the most recent episode that this was not the case after all. Cassie lost her job at the garage when it was discovered that she was making fun of Abi and her circumstances.

Fans also noted that Cassie would not have known how to generate the material, despite Cassie’s apparent belief that the videos were authentically of Abi and not edited. She was devastated since she ended up getting into a fight with Abi and Kevin about her remarks.

Fans of Coronation Street wondered whether the most recent episode excluded anybody as the perpetrator of the horrific deepfake videos. (Photo: ITV)

Who is the true offender, therefore, if Cassie is excluded by the scenes? After the latest drama with Kevin, several viewers returned to the assumption that it was all the work of Max Turner.

Corey Brent, who is incarcerated for the murder of Abi’s son Seb Franklin, has recently made a kind of comeback, according to another hypothesis. Corey appeared in and received accolades from a football-related jail documentary.

Reminding them of what had happened to her kid and what Corey had done, Abi lost her cool with the TV producers working on the documentary. Some viewers have questioned if Corey or someone connected to the documentary is using the deepfake videos as a means of retaliation.

A supporter said on X: “I think it’s the woman from the centre who was helping Corey play football in prison & she payed that guy who interviewed her to edit into that stuff as revenge.” Another viewer made the following suggestion: “I think Cassie is the only one who might be behind the deepfakes since she hates Abi, but I doubt she knows how to build them and she’s definitely too poor to hire someone to do it, so I dunno. However, I detest this for Abi.

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