Emmerdale spoilers: Devastation ahead for Sam as Lydia cheats with face from her past?

Surely not?! (Picture: ITV)

Sam (James Hooton) and Lydia (Karen Blick), Emmerdale’s incredibly stable couple after three years of marriage and five years together, are about to be rocked by a cheating scandal when Lydia’s mind is turned by a gorgeous face from her past.

This is terrible news. Are relationships in soap operas not important?

Recently, Lydia was startled to see Craig, a familiar figure from her children’s previous home, passing through town. Her memories of her infant Toby came flooding back as she saw him, taking her back to her youth.

Now that Craig is back in town, it is evident that there are still a lot of unsolved issues. He presents Lydia with a job offer, allowing their relationship to develop. He reiterates the employment offer when they meet at The Hide. Despite Sam’s concerns about Lydia taking on extra job, she is strongly tempted.

Craig and Lydia simply revert to their previous conversation. When he leaves Lydia off at home, Samson is astounded by this successful man and his amazing automobile as they catch up on what has been happening since the children’s home. Everyone Craig encounters is impressed by him.

Lydia has been catching up with Craig (Picture: ITV)

Samson grills Lydia as she enters the room, and Sam’s nose is in the air since this handsome and successful foreigner has wooed his wife and kid. Samson wants Lydia to get him some job experience after learning that Craig’s firm made his favorite phone game since Sam can’t compete. Samson is overjoyed to discover this.

Sam’s nose is now at a full-on wonk level when Craig visits the property and subsequently certifies Samson’s work experience. Craig even stops by to replace some shoddy guttering that Sam hasn’t yet had a chance to fix.

He tells Craig to go since he doesn’t feel safe in his own house. Alarm number one is raised when Lydia runs outside and apologizes on behalf of her husband.

There are definitely sparks between these two, and Sam has a feeling that something is wrong. Is another shocking infidelity story brewing in Emmerdale?

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