Coronation Street fans spot ‘missed’ clue from MONTHS ago linking Joel Deering to Lauren Bolton’s murder

A comment made by Joel when he first joined the soap has left fans shocked

Coronation Street aired the twist on Thursday night (Image: ITV)

A mysterious moment that aired eight months before Lauren Bolton’s death on Coronation Street may have unintentionally exposed Joel Deering’s relationship to her.

On Thursday night, Joel was revealed as Lauren’s murderer. A flashback showed the moment he assaulted her viciously with a wooden chair leg. When Hope Stape found Lauren’s lost jewellery in Joel’s car while cleaning it, she may have revealed his secret.

Joel became extremely upset over this revelation in a terrifying scenario that was followed by a flashback to his February attack on Lauren in her flat. Roy Cropper has been accused with Lauren’s murder ever since she vanished.

Viewers eventually discovered that Joel was the true perpetrator when Roy was freed and Nathan Curtis emerged as the main suspect. But as the Mirror notes, a few keen-eyed admirers recalled a scene from eight months prior that may have hinted at the terrible events.

It also showed a connection between the characters that was probably missed before. A moment from last September could have been a crucial indication, even though we haven’t seen Joel and Lauren together and there have only been suggestions that he was the unknown man torturing her earlier this year, according to the Mirror.

Joel Deering’s covert connection to Lauren Bolton seems to have been revealed on Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

Joel may have also given away Lauren’s ultimate fate at the moment by making a spooky comment to her. Joel made his debut in the scene while Lauren was being questioned about criminal damage at the police station.

After Roy and Dee-Dee Bailey were waiting for Joel at the station’s reception, Lauren’s charge was dropped to a caution. Joel will subsequently collaborate with Dee-Dee.

Joel gave Lauren some parting advice after introducing himself as an attorney, saying, “Look after yourself, Lauren.” It’s implied that he started grooming her at this point, or maybe not too long after.

Lauren vanished just five months after they first interacted. After another three months, Joel was found guilty of killing Lauren, but nobody knew about their prior relationship.

Fans are in awe by Joel’s bombshell admission that he comforted Lauren just months before he was accused of killing her and their deep bond. Some people think that this opening moment foreshadowed Lauren’s tragic demise at Joel’s hands.

This September scene from the previous year was brought to light by a fan who posted the following online: “I appreciate everyone who reminded me of Joel’s September introduction scene last year. It’s right here. Oh my, the premonition!” Another admirer echoed the feeling, saying, “It was right there and we all missed it.”

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