Emmerdale Ella’s secret finally revealed in funeral scenes as fans ‘work out’ Joanne link

Ella Forster from Emmerdale finally had her secret disclosed on Thursday’s episode of the ITV soap opera when it was discovered that she had a different identity and that her new in-law had called her a murderer.

In Thursday’s episode, 30 May, Ella Forster, the mysterious visitor to Emmerdale, finally had her secret revealed. Earlier this year, Ella made a splashy arrival into the community when she bravely spilled a drink over her supervisor Jules, resigning from her position on the spot to stand up for Mandy Dingle at a veterinary gathering.

Since then, Ella has landed a job at the operation as a receptionist and started dating Dr. Liam Cavanagh, one of her coworkers. But viewers quickly got suspicious of Ella since it was clear that she was hiding something.

Her actions have occasionally been dubious. Hints regarding Ella’s secret became more apparent in subsequent episodes when she paid a visit to June Phillips, an enigmatic elderly dementia patient, in a care facility.

Ella Forster, a mysterious arrival on Emmerdale, finally had her secret exposed (Image: ITV)

According to the Mirror, they looked through an old photo book together and stopped at an old shot of June in a cigarette factory with other ladies. In this scenario, Ella revealed that she had been there for a while, and they both said how much they enjoyed each other’s company.

The following day, Ella was devastated to discover that the elderly woman had passed away unexpectedly and that she was unrelated to her, adding to the mystery. Ella attended June’s burial on Thursday’s programme, but she took care to avoid getting close to June’s relatives.

When Ella saw the planned location of June’s tomb, she said, “This is silly; it’s just an empty hole that you’re not even in. It would not have been proper for me to go in there, and I know you wouldn’t want me here, but I had to.

“I want to stop hurting others; even this is more than I should have to endure. I hope that you two are able to find some peace now. A double grave was shown while the camera panned, saying, “I am so sorry… for everything.”

Ella seems to have been connected to Joanne Phillips’s demise (Image: ITV)

Liam then showed up at the burial location, thinking June had been Ella’s mother. When the mourners started questioning Liam about who he was, he said that he was there to help June’s daughter Ella.

This assertion confused June’s family, who claimed that June’s daughter had died. The situation worsened as they began to assume Liam was an unexpected guest, but Ella intervened to diffuse the tension.

But all they accomplished was to provoke June’s enraged relatives to attack Ella, exposing her actual identity during their tense exchange: “It should be you in that hole, not her! You’re a murderer, a scumbag, and a child killer!”

Then, menacingly, the camera moved to the nearby tomb with the inscription “Joanne Phillips, 3rd March 1994 to 22nd August 2005”. Fans of Emmerdale went to Twitter to conjecture about the drama that was developing and Joanne’s role in the narrative.

Ella had just went to see June Phillips, an old woman (Image: ITV).

A viewer proposed: “Ah – Ella killed June’s daughter or was responsible for her death so when June became ill with dementia she took her daughter’s place #Emmerdale” ,

One person wrote: “Ella needs to give Liam some explanations.” Child killer: did Ella murder June’s daughter? If so, was she sent to prison for it, or did Ella later become friends with Meena, who would have no trouble manipulating her? Has Ella now shown up to carry out Meena’s dirty job in Emmerdale?”

Another viewer added: “I don’t think it’s a case of Ella being a murderer, I think she was babysitting or friends with Joanne and something happened and the family are blaming her when she wasn’t at fault, that’s why she changed her name #emmerdale.”

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