Coronation Street finally confirms who will take down Stephen as the net closes in

Among all individuals! (Image: ITV)

At last, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) on Coronation Street is beginning to feel the walls closing in around him.

On the property that Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) and Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) had just purchased to construct several homes, a dead corpse was found this week.

In the ITV soap opera airing on Wednesday, 20 September, Craig (Colson Smith) showed up at the bar and informed Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) that Leo, her ex-boyfriend, was the body’s owner.

Jenny was whirling in her thoughts as she crumbled. For the better part of a year, she had believed that Leo had moved to Canada and was just not interested in being with her. All that Stephen could do as she sobbed uncontrollably was console and encourage her.

Craig informed Stephen that declarations would have to be made as soon as possible after he left the bar. Tim (Joe Duttine) then spoke up and said that Leo had punched Stephen in the face in his last moments because he was in love with Jenny.

This required Stephen to come to the station and provide an explanation. Luckily, he was able to hide, but after he got home, he found the horror had not ended.

Jenny received some awful news (Image: ITV)

Stephen went to sleep as night fell and had memories about his three killings.

He rose in the wee hours of the morning and headed towards the canal. Teddy, who was also slain by Stephen, is known to be within the roofbox that is submerged in the water.

Stephen was playing about with a branch when he didn’t realised Tim, who was wrapping up a night shift, had seen him.

Tim crept closer to observe Stephen, but was cut off as his phone began to ring.

Tim was not seen by Stephen as he fled. However, if later photos capture the moment the serial murderer tries to strangle the cab driver, will Tim find out sooner than we think?

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