Coronation Street spoilers: Paul moves forward with assisted dying plan

Paul is keeping a huge secret (Picture: ITV)

A few months before, Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) assisted Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) on Coronation Street when he said that he wanted to choose the time of his death.

It’s known as assisted dying, and Paul first had second thoughts about it when Billy voiced his own.

Billy was appalled to learn that Paul had chosen a point at which he no longer wanted to live, and he compared the action to that of putting a sick pet to death. This is in addition to the fact that it goes against his duty as an Archdeacon, which is to celebrate the life they have left.

Billy feels that the topic has been forgotten, but Paul told Todd (Gareth Pierce) this week that he needs his assistance instead.

This challenging topic is being discussed as Paul plans Shelley’s funeral.

Like Paul, Shelley suffered from motor neurone disease and passed away in a recent ITV soap opera episode. In addition to Paul’s grief for his buddy, planning the burial has brought attention to the reality that MND will be the cause of his death once again.

At an MND support group, Paul first met Shelley (Picture: ITV)

Billy told Paul in the apartment that they may leave after the service if things became too much. Billy was talking to Paul about the incident.

Billy was getting up to get to the kitchen when Paul turned on his laptop and went back to the page that verified the price of assisted suicide in Switzerland, where it has been legal since 1942.

Will Billy ever find out? Paul earlier assured Todd that he trusted him to preserve his secret.

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