Coronation Street killer Stephen finally exposed by Elaine and Tim leading to deadly showdown

Coronation Street airs deadly and dramatic scenes next week on the ITV soap which airs on Virgin Media in Ireland as spoilers confirm a struggle between two characters lands someone in hospital

Stephen Reid, the murderer from Coronation Street, may finally be revealed next week as his terrible scheme for partner Elaine Jones seems to come to light.

Only a few hours before they are scheduled to leave for a holiday to the Peak District, Elaine discovers what he is up to after making a terrifying discovery. After weeks of attempting to make her appear miserable, she has no idea that Stephen is intending to kill her there.

The bad guy even goes so far as to counterfeit a life insurance application in Elaine’s name in order to obtain the money, while simultaneously drafting a suicide note to make it appear as though Elaine has killed herself.

Stephen feels that by suggesting that Elaine is acting and is having trouble coping, he has caused Elaine’s loved ones to worry about her mental health. Next week, however, his plot to murder her and escape punishment is threatened, which might result in his own demise.

While specifics are still being kept under wraps, it is known that Stephen and another character on the Virgin Media-aired ITV soap opera in Ireland get into a dispute that results in at least one character being transported to the hospital.

Since they started dating and Elaine started providing Stephen a lot of money for his business, Tim, Elaine’s son, has been worried about Stephen’s intentions for his mother.

Tim was unwilling to support Stephen because he believed Elaine was in danger; next week would show that he was correct.

The ITV show Coronation Street will include gruesome and violent events the next week. (Photo: ITV)

As Elaine makes finding after discovery that appears to reveal what Stephen has been up to, it appears like the truth is about to come out. Her actual identity is ultimately revealed thanks to the assistance his ex Gabrielle provided him with in trying to extract money from the factory during his most recent money fraud.

She is with Stephen when Elaine discovers her on Zoom, but she subsequently finds she is his ex and not associated with him. She rushes to meet her son Tim while concealing her concern and shares what she has learned.

She starts to piece everything that has just happened together after realising she has been misled. Elaine then shows Tim a metal box that Stephen uses to store items before deciding to open it.

Elaine realises what Tim’s strategy was as he prys it apart and they are stunned to find the fake life insurance paperwork. Tim waits for Stephen at the flat before confronting him.

The character accuses Stephen immediately of what they’ve found. Tim threatens to denounce him to the police and tells him the game is over.

But as the situation worsens, a brutal battle breaks out, sending at least one of the guys to the hospital. But will this result in the death of the murderer Stephen and bring to light his misdeeds at last?

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