Coronation Street spoiler video: Spider takes drastic actions as his shocking lies are exposed

The relationship that Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) hopes to have with Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) in Coronation Street begins to be significantly impacted by his existence as an undercover police officer.

In the middle of the plot, when we learned that Spider was posing as a police officer, Spider and Toyah reconciled.

He was a member of Griff’s (Michael Condron) gang and was tasked with gathering information to pass along to his other members.

Spider’s participation in the mission resulted in Griff and his friends being jailed, but he quickly learns that his nemesis is a ruthless killer.

Spider is informed that he may leave and have safety as a consequence, leaving him to ponder what to do with Toyah.

Toyah is at home looking through Spider’s laptop as he struggles to make a choice. She has discovered that Spider is not as poor as he had first thought.

Toyah encounters a lady claiming to be Spider’s spouse. (Image from ITV)

In this new video, we see the moment Spider tries to defend himself as Toyah confronts him after also learning that he has been contacting his ex.

Spider explains to Toyah that he has been working to hasten the divorce and that the money was intended to purchase a wedding ring.

Toyah demands clarification (ITV image).

Then he kneels down and asks Toyah to marry him, but what will she say?

There will be additional difficulties when the week comes to an end since Spider has received a message from his pursuant instructing him to meet.

Spider waits in the Freshco parking lot for his mysterious adversary, but no one shows up while his coworkers look on in the background.

When Toyah is back at the flat, a lady enters and introduces herself as Spider’s wife.

Leanne (Jane Danson), who runs into Spider while Toyah is talking, is taken aback when he admits that his wife isn’t actually in the country.

Spider calls Toyah to inform her that the lady is a fake, and then, a little while later, he breaks into the flat with Leanne.

Blood is on the floor, but they don’t discover Toyah or Sam (Jude Riordan) despite the disturbance’s telltale indicators.

Who has taken Toyah and Sam, and can Spider find them in time?

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