ITV Coronation Street airs huge Tyrone Dobbs twist as Cassie drops DNA bombshell

Coronation Street viewers learned some shocking news about Tyrone Dobbs on Friday night that could change his life forever if he learns the truth on the ITV soap

On Friday night, a significant character on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street revealed a shocking surprise.

When Cassie Plummer revealed shocking information about her son Tyrone Dobbs, a long-kept truth came to light. Despite a plot surprise on the programme a year ago that saw Tyrone reunited with his real mother, Tyrone still doesn’t know the truth about his origins.When he found out he was adopted, he was told his mother had passed away years ago. However, Cassie went to the cobbles last year to disclose her identity. Tyrone’s world crashed and his connection with his grandma Evelyn Plummer almost fell apart when he received the news.Although, as of late, they had been getting along well, Evelyn pressured Cassie to reveal Tyrone’s father’s true identity in the most recent episode. Tyrone had never seen his father before and did not know who he was either.

A significant character on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street revealed a shocking revelation. (Photo courtesy of ITV)

When Tyrone revealed to a shocked Evelyn that Cassie had engaged in sexual activity as a teenager, Evelyn began to wonder about her daughter’s experiences. Recovering drug addict Cassie had told Tyrone all about her troubled teenage years and the strained connection she had with her parents. Evelyn had even accused Cassie of being responsible for her father’s death.

Upon discovering Cassie’s teenage experiences and the fact Evelyn hadn’t informed her about them, Cassie was devastated and expressed her regret. Evelyn inquired about Cassie’s path to doing sex work as the two became closer.

Cassie explained how she became addicted on drugs thanks to her older buddy Richie, who she met when she was 15 years old or younger and he was in his mid-20s. She also said that he led her into prostitution, forcing her to have affairs with individuals he knew in exchange for cash.

It was at that moment that Evelyn realised Cassie was involved in sex work at the age that Tyrone was born. After acknowledging that Tyrone’s father was a punter, Cassie pleaded with her mother not to reveal the truth to her son.

Tyrone was conceived during this time in her life, but she didn’t disclose who it was or if she knew. Tyrone and Evelyn have been kept in the dark about this since she became pregnant as a teenager, but will he ever find out?

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