Coronation Street legend seriously injured and rushed to hospital as episode dropped

Next week, a beloved character on Coronation Street faces danger (Picture: ITV)

Thanks to Euros, we won’t be seeing as much Coronation Street this week, but that doesn’t mean the drama doesn’t reach the same heights, as William Roache’s legendary character Ken Barlow is sent to the hospital after a terrible accident.

Sadly, Ken Barlow trips and falls down the stairs—thankfully not because of Daniel Osbourne this time. Even if the unimaginable doesn’t occur—that is, the programme doesn’t murder him off, as if they would dare—he will still have concerns about his future since he will need care.

In another scene, Georgia Taylor’s character Toyah Battersby is going to go through difficult times after receiving yellow flowers, which are obviously a jab at the death of her child years ago.

Her sister feels completely deceived to find that Leanne (Jane Danson) told Rowan what had transpired.

And when her court day approaches and she receives unsettling news about Leanne, she experiences even more stress.

At last, a well-known face reappears in Weatherfield, and she is not by herself.

June 10th, Monday

When Toyah receives a bouquet of yellow flowers at the restaurant, she is frightened and explains their meaning to Nick. She also informs Nick that Rowan had to have denounced her to the police.

Leanne is confronted by an enraged Toyah who hands her the card and the flowers. Leanne acknowledges telling Rowan.

When Nick gets home, he gives Leanne a clear ultimatum: either she severs all connections with Rowan and the Institute, or they’re done.

Glenda shows Michael the way out of the bar via the back door after they spend the night together. A mediator, according to Dee Dee, would help them both save money.

Mary gives Glenda the same advise again, and Debbie volunteers to carry it out.

Is a breakthrough possible? (Image: ITV)

As all of this is going on, Glenda runs into Michael in the ginnel, gives him a kiss on the lips, grabs his hand, and ushers him into the Rovers.

Bobby apologises to Ken for getting Daniel into trouble over Stu’s birthday celebration cocktails. Bobby observes that Ken is shaky while standing. Ken goes home feeling under the weather.

Worried Bobby taps on Ken’s door, but he doesn’t get a response. Shocked, he peeks through the letterbox and finds Ken unconscious at the foot of the stairs. Bobby makes an ambulance call.

Ken is discovered negatively (Image: ITV)

Lisa asks Carla over the phone at the factory if they can set up a time for her daughter’s work experience. Billy and Paul go to see the MND nurse, who informs them that Billy won’t be able to utilise his stair lift as his weakening neck muscles worsen.

Refusing to let up, Abi informs Kevin that they must get a computer genius who can track down the troll’s actual IP address. Can Max be of any assistance?

Wednesday, June 12th

Angry Leanne tells Nick that she would never cheat on him when a guilty Nick questions her about Rowan when she returns. Toyah and Nick agree that their kiss was a mistake.

Arriving to the cafe on his motorbike, Rowan hands Leanne an extra helmet and tells her he has something special in store for her.

Nick and Toyah are left to handle the noon rush alone when Leanne leaves. For his part, Nick is furious and Toyah is stunned. Over a video conference, Rowan presents Leanne to Willow, the institute’s CEO, at a hotel restaurant.

Then he informs Leanne, who is pleased, that she will soon be allowed to bring in new members on her own. Toyah gets a call that surprises her as she leaves for her court hearing at the Institute.

Toyah worries about Leanne (Image: ITV)

A pale-faced Rushing into A&E, Toyah informs the desk nurse that she received a call alerting her to her sister Leanne’s involvement in a motorcycling accident.

Toyah is told by the authorities that her kid may now be released for burial. Toyah is in disbelief.

The Eyegaze expert shows Paul how to utilise his new equipment in the apartment above the flower store. When Summer gets back from her trip to America, she tells Felix, her new lover, that he is looking forward to seeing them at the Rovers.

Paul trips and falls down the stairs just as Billy and Paul are about to leave the apartment. Summer comes with Felix, and Todd shows just as Paul is getting well.

When Cassie inquires for a position on the switch at Streetcars, Steve clearly indicates that her reputation comes before her and declines. Steve and Daniel pay a hospital visit to Ken.

Summer has a guy with her when she gets home. (Image: ITV)
Ken receives unpleasant news. (Image: ITV)

When Ken learns he will need 24-hour care while he heals, he is devastated. When Steve visits Ken, he gives him the reassurance that his family would work together to see to it that he gets the care he needs to be secure in his own house. Ken tries to grin.

George becomes enraged when Glenda tells him that RestEasy is eager to purchase Shuttleworths. When Michael arrives to the Rovers, he finds George and Glenda arguing. Enter Michael, who declares that he and Glenda are now a couple and that he ought to treat her with more decency.

A apprehensive Michael is parked next to Glenda, who leans in to give him a kiss and reassures him that she feels the same way.

The news that the documentary on Corey’s jail football team has been cancelled makes Abi and Kevin very happy, as they read in the Gazette.

Kevin informs Abi that there is no way to find the individual who uploaded the videos after taking Max’s call. He’s told by a sadistic Abi that she’s over caring.

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