Coronation Street residents torn apart for good after Carla Connor’s ultimate betrayal

Alison King has opened up about Carla Connor and Roy’s recent fallout, as she claims he is like a “father figure” and wishes that she could put things right.

Coronation Street’s Alison King hope for Carla and Roy’s fractured relationship (Image: ITV )

After a heartbreaking betrayal, Alison King of Coronation Street spoke candidly about her character Carla Connor’s romance with Roy Cropper. Although they were cut off from one another, Roy (David Neilson) and Carla (Alison King) have always had a tight bond that sometimes verges on father and daughter.

However, once Carla learns about Bobby’s account of missing Lauren Bolton, the two can no longer communicate. when Roy was taken into custody and imprisoned. She continued to attempt to assist him in spite of this.

He has been a “constant” family figure in Alison’s life, but she has “broken” his trust and she is worried about their future, she claimed in an interview. “Very concerned about his vulnerability in prison, being a person who is a little bit different,” she added Carla is concerned about.

Roy has been a dependable presence in Hayley’s life from their early days of bonding, thus it’s likely been about 16 years since Roy first became a father figure to her. Their bond has been built on trust and honesty, thus I believe it is unfortunate that she has betrayed that trust even in the name of protecting someone.”

When asked whether Roy would be able to get beyond that, she said, “He can’t quite see past that”. The ITV personality said that she is in a difficult position where she must defend her family while also standing by someone she almost loves, calling this a “typical Carla conflict of interests.”

Prior to their argument, Carla Connor looked up to Roy Cropper as a father figure. (Photo: ITV)

Their disagreement arose when Bobby, Carla’s nephew (Jack Caroll), altered his testimony to claim that he had seen an intruder at Lauren’s place before the blonde disappeared for no apparent reason.

Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) was ultimately added to the list of murder suspects as a result of this.

Following the discovery of fresh evidence, Roy had a short ray of optimism as they believed it would secure his bail, leaving Carla ecstatic to return him to the cobbles.

But his aspirations were short-lived, as he subsequently learned in a conversation with Carla that Bobby had lied and that his buddy was aware of it.

Roy eventually passed out in the jail cell and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. He was deprived of the opportunity to see his niece in the visiting hall during the painful circumstances.

It was discovered that Joel Deering was Lauren Bolton’s murderer (Image: ITV)

Carla tried to see him, but the jail guard manning the ward informed her that she was not allowed to visit and that Roy no longer had visiting privileges.

Carla was finally permitted to see Roy when DS Swain paid him a visit, but she was devastated to hear him say, “This is the end of our friendship.”

But Corrie fans were taken aback when Joel Deering (Calum Lil) was revealed as the cold-blooded murderer in the much awaited big revelation.

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