Jane Danson ‘wasn’t sure’ about ‘tricky’ Coronation Street storyline with dark twists ahead

Jane Danson spoke about her current dark storyline (Picture- Danielle Baguley)

Jane Danson, a star of Coronation Street, has voiced her reluctance about the “dark” plot of her soap character.

Leanne Battersby, played by the soap opera actress, finds herself drawn into the shadowy realm of the Institute and is gradually being shaped into a member of Rowan’s (Emmys Cooper) cult. Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), who sees Leanne becoming more and more dependent on it, worries that their relationship and Leanne are irreversibly lost.

“It’s funny because when they first told me about the storyline, I wasn’t entirely sure about it and thought it may be a bit too tricky but I’m absolutely loving it,” Leanne remarked, addressing her most recent trauma.

The manner Leanne is speaking today, which is quite different from how she usually speaks, and the vocabulary she is using make it challenging in several aspects. However, as an actor, I find it fascinating to examine her from a whole new perspective. It’s also enjoyable since Leanne is entirely unaware of the harm that some of her actions are creating.

In the past, Leanne has been a strong individual with her own beliefs, but in this instance, she is listening to someone else and is practically being brainwashed into adopting their viewpoint, which is something I find incredibly entertaining to play with.

Georgia Taylor plays Leanne’s sister Toyah Battersby, who is determined to break free from their hold and does some research. She appears to be ready to strike back as soon as she has an idea, but she has no idea what she is getting herself into.

Rowan and The Institute have completely taken Leanne in. (Picture: ITV)

And given Toyah and Nick’s developing intimacy and their shared anxieties over Leanne, things only get more complicated.

When Simon started going to Rowan’s “self help” group at the Chariot Square Hotel after being found guilty of driving under the influence, his adoptive mother Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) was the first to be brainwashed into the cult.

After his father Peter (Chris Gascoyne) departed Weatherfield, Simon took a drink and got into some perilous situations.

He was afraid he would go over the limit when he decided to accompany Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) to a chess match after losing his job at Underworld and deepening his grief at the Rovers Return pub.

Simon sought the assistance of the “Institute” group after receiving a six-month driving restriction and an 80-hour community service order. Leanne was first dubious about this, but Rowan was able to win her over.

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