Coronation Street spoilers: Tim confronts Stephen after he tries to kill Elaine

Tim wants details. (Image from ITV)

In Coronation Street, Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) is in risk of learning the truth about Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), as his mother Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) is put in grave danger due to the villainous businessman.

Tim has been persuaded that Stephen is only in the relationship for Elaine’s money ever since they started dating.

This is all accurate, however a gullible Elaine was used by Stephen to convince her son that Stephen is a decent man who is not at all like his father, Geoff.

Elaine falls for Stephen’s falsehoods, but the following week, when Owen (Ben Hull), the person purchasing Carla’s (Alison King) shares in the plant, warns Stephen that once he takes over, he would be fired, Stephen finds himself in yet another hopeless situation.

As Stephen’s desire to amass as much cash as he can grows every day, he begins to give Elaine caffeine tablets, which make her jittery and worn out.

Tim has been wary of Stephen for some weeks (ITV).

Stephen leaves the house to get some ‘meal’ and stays gone long enough that when he comes back, he discovers Elaine on the floor with a head injury from a fall.

Tim approaches Stephen after silently leaving the flat and presses for information on what happened to Elaine.

What has therefore happened to her?

Tim poses a huge concern since he understands who Stephen is and Stephen is aware that he can’t continue to mislead others. For Stephen, he is absolutely terrible news, Todd Boyce informed us.

It is really terrible that Stephen is exploiting Elaine and subjecting her to the same abuse she endured from Geoff, and that he is gaslighting and taking advantage of her. He takes advantage of people’s frailties and profits from them.

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