Spider pops the question to Toyah in Coronation Street spoilers

Coronation Street could be home to a new engaged couple this week as police officer Spider asks Toyah Battersby to marry him after she gets suspicious of what he is up to

According to recent Coronation Street teasers, Spider will propose to his girlfriend Toyah Battersby. Toyah makes the move as she begins to feel as though her partner is playing her like a fool.

As she discovers a bank statement proving Spider is not as cash-strapped as he has been portraying himself to be, her doubts begin to increase. Toyah becomes suspicious as a result and decides to search through his laptop.

She quickly learns, though, that Spider has been messaging his ex once she starts digging. In addition to chatting to her, he has been searching for homes nearby.

Spider begins to explain that he is trying to hasten his divorce as he is criticised by Toyah. He further explains to Toyah that he has spent his funds on something special for her.

Toyah and Spider are becoming better and better (Photo: ITV)

He then gets down on one knee, displays a ring, and proposes to Toyah.

Spider is moving after his superintendent offered him a new position, but it would require him to leave his current location and adopt a new identity. Griff Reynolds is on the hunt for revenge after being arrested, therefore the job offer is to keep Spider safe from him.

When Spider joined Griff’s racist gang, which attempted to blow up a portion of Coronation Street, he was a covert police officer. Spider claimed to be one of Griff’s close pals in order to learn more about their plans.

Spider is about to ask her to marry him. (Photo: ITV)

Later on in the week, Spider’s history haunts him, endangering Toyah in the process. On Friday, a lady who claims to be Spider’s wife shows up to Toyah’s flat, but she is unaware that Spider’s wife isn’t actually in the nation.

As he and his wife Sarah Platt wait for the results of Sarah’s DNA test following her romance with Damon Hay, Adam Barlow is battling in another location on the cobblestones. In order to avoid discussing the exam with Sarah, he confides in his uncle Daniel Osbourne about what is happening.

Spider is beginning to raise Toyah’s suspicions (ITV)
Is Toyah going to affirm? (Photo: ITV)

He erupts and rushes off to court after conceding that he will struggle to force Sarah to get an abortion if he isn’t the father. He begins to struggle though when he gets to court and presents his client’s case.

Before scurrying out of the courtroom, Adam begins to perspire, tremble, and lose concentration. Dee-Dee Bailey, a coworker, keeps an anxious eye on Adam as he eventually succumbs to a panic attack.

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