Coronation Street spoiler video: Stephanie Davis makes her seductive debut as she snares Aadi

In Coronation Street, Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) meets Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis), who makes it quite plain that she likes him.

A businessman named Darren’s wife, Courtney, will spend a lot of time with Dev (Jimmi Harkishin).

Dev suggests that Aadi work as Darren’s assistant because he wants Aadi to follow in his footsteps. On his first day, Aadi is excited about the opportunity.

However, as we can see in this latest clip, Aadi will rapidly lose interest in picking Darren’s brain once he realises what his new position entails.

Aadi is impressed with Courtney. (Image from ITV)

Aadi is in his car, leaving Amy (Elle Mulvaney) a message to apologise for missing her charity gala. When the door opens and a woman sits down next to him, he is preoccupied.

Courtney introduces herself and asks Aadi how long he has been waiting for her outside the restaurant in the car. Aadi first tells a falsehood, but Courtney is able to detect it.

Aadi is obviously attracted to Courtney as she checks her cosmetics, and this is made further clearer when she orders a kebab—something she seldom does because her husband abhors fast food.

What Courtney wants from Aadi will be made quite apparent. (Image from ITV)

Aadi and Courtney will continue their relationship as they spend more time together.

As Courtney and Aadi’s love for one another grow, Courtney is forced to think about her future since she will gain something from being with either Aadi or Darren but lose something else.

If she stays with Darren, she’s in a loveless marriage but has all this money, Stephanie Davis told us. “It then gets quite serious, and she genuinely is falling for Aadi, but then comes the reality of the financial side.”

She will be penniless and without money if she quits Darren and moves in with Aadi, but she will have love.

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