Coronation Street spoiler video: Terrified Toyah realises she is going to die

In Coronation Street, Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) will begin to second-guess her choice to accept Spider Nugent’s (Martin Hancock) proposal.

Spider was informed in a recent episode of the ITV soap opera that he must leave Weatherfield because Griff (Michael Condron) intends to exact revenge on him. Toyah was preoccupied wondering if Spider was considering getting back together with his wife after discovering emails and evidence that he had been looking at homes close to her, which left him wondering what to do about Toyah.

When challenged, Spider responded that he had used part of his funds to purchase a ring for Toyah and that he had been in contact with his ex to try to resolve their divorce.

The woman ends up kidnapping Toyah (Picture: ITV)

Toyah agreed to Spider’s proposal of marriage in spite of the dangers, but as things develop, his existence as an undercover police officer would put her in danger very rapidly.

Toyah is approached by a lady who introduces herself as Spider’s wife after Spider leaves the flat.

Leanne (Jane Danson) runs into Spider while they are conversing, and is horrified to learn that his wife isn’t actually in the nation. Spider calls Toyah and informs her that the woman is a fraud.

Toyah attempts to behave normally while feeling scared, but when Leanne and Spider barge into the flat, they discover traces of a commotion, blood on the floor, and neither Toyah nor Sam (Jude Riordan).

The woman claims to be seeking justice. (Image from ITV)

This new movie depicts Toyah being abducted and imprisoned in a vehicle with Spider on a mission.

Toyah’s gag is taken out of her mouth when the woman from the flat unlocks the doors.

Toyah immediately attempts to figure out how she can earn some money since she feels the woman is for money.

But when the woman says that she doesn’t want money—she wants justice—she comes to a dead end.

What will it entail, though?

Can Spider stop Toyah from getting injured as well?

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