Emmerdale spoilers: Rishi decides to tell Jai the final truth about his real dad

Rishi decides the moment is now (ITV).

In Emmerdale, Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) just discovered something that completely changed his life. He discovered a document proving that he had been adopted rather than being Rishi Sharma’s (Bhasker Patel) real son when he was going through some family paperwork to find his divorce decree.

Knowing that Rishi had kept everything a secret from him for so long was what Jai found to be the most startling aspect of this news. He originally encountered a wall of silence when confronting his father about what he had learned since Rishi would not discuss it.

He eventually revealed to Jai that his mother, Georgia (Lin Blakley), was expecting at the time they first met. Rishi was glad to adopt the child and raise him as his own kid after he and Georgia were married because Jai’s original father wasn’t involved. In reality, he said that he had been overjoyed to start a new small family.

According to Bhasker Patel, Rishi overcompensated by pampering Jai over the years.

He said, “Of course he loves his son dearly.” “In fact, I believe he overdid it with Jai because, subtly, he thought that Priya (Fiona Wade) and Nikhil (Rik Makarem) were his, but Jai wasn’t. Nevertheless, he is also the oldest. giving him everything, including the house, the factory, and the company. essentially putting him in charge and giving him power.

Rishi still hasn’t provided an answer to the one query Jai is dying to ask: if Rishi isn’t his father, then who is?

The upcoming wedding of Jai and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) has Laurel eager for Jai and Rishi to heal fences so Rishi may attend the ceremony. She implores Jai to invite Rishi, which he does with the least amount of grace.

How will this alter the situation? (Image from ITV)

Rishi is dejected when Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), the only person except him and Georgia who is aware of the true circumstances surrounding Jai’s parentage, tells him that Jai has been a wonderful son his entire life. But she is certain that if he wants to proceed, he must give Jai the whole truth.

Bhasker informed us that “Rishi hasn’t helped the situation.” “He has not.” Georgia should have been included long ago, in my opinion. Rishi ought to have disclosed his cardiac issues because he too had a few of them. Before something bad occurs to me, I simply want you to know that you are not my son but that I have adopted you, etc.’

In order to repair their friendship, he said that Rishi does ultimately give Jai the complete thing.

“I think he thinks they have united after Georgia showing up and Rishi finally admitting the truth,” he said. Finally telling him the truth, and he was really sincere. That is, in my opinion, Rishi’s philosophy: “Time will heal.”

How will Jai react when he hears the full truth?

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