Coronation Street spoilers: Murder terror for Stephen, Gemma’s huge risk, Rovers in peril

Residents of Corrie are playing a dangerous game (Picture: ITV)

It’s safe to anticipate that the upcoming episodes of Coronation Street will have a lot of tense characters due to a killer facing exposure, a failing business, and issues with an ex.

The moment when Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) sins are revealed might come in the shape of some resurfacing murder evidence. Viewers are patiently (well, some not so) waiting for it to happen.

Rufus’s widow believes that there was foul play involved in his death, and she quickly gets her hands on a tie clip that was left at the site.

Rookie error, Stephen!

Rookie error, Stephen!

Of course, the bold serial killer shows up at the memorial for his banished ex-colleague, but when he realizes that the police may soon be engaged with this clue, he understandably becomes alarmed.

As the future of the Rovers is in jeopardy, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) is also in a panic.

It depends on the Newtons’ investments, and Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) is doing all in her power to sway the outcome in their favor.

Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) finds it to be a poor strategy and quickly lashes out at the circumstance.

But what will happen in the end?

Meanwhile, Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) is left fuming as Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) learns a falsehood.

That’s never a good thing…

Monday August 7

Henry wants to strike a deal – can Gemma see it through? (Picture: ITV)

When a croaky Glenda announces she has lost her voice and can’t sing at the gathering Jenny and Daisy are hosting to wow the Newtons, Jenny and Daisy are devastated.

When Philip Newton learns that Glenda has engaged singer Glyn Young, he is impressed. Jenny, Glenda, and Daisy become alarmed when an older guy with a hearing aid shows up.

Jenny is given the contact information of a developer by Henry after he gently breaks the news that the brewery isn’t willing to purchase the Rovers after looking at the records.

Eliza says she is attending vacation club while lying to Yasmeen and Stu. Stu is astonished to discover her at the station with a strange man after learning that there is no vacation club and that he can’t locate her anyplace.

The inquest report into Rufus’s death is scheduled to be released tomorrow, and Rufus’ widow Lou contacts the factory to inform Stephen and Michael that she has canceled the meeting because she believes foul play was involved and has called the Gazette.

Stephen hides his fear. Stephen searches the news alone in the manufacturing office for articles regarding Rufus’s passing.

Bernie is putting up a massage table when Dev gets home. Bernie says she got it from a skip and will use it to make a little amount of money.

An already inebriated Adam informs Dee-Dee in the garden of the Rovers that he is going into town to get drunk and forget the last several weeks.

Wednesday August 9

Ches is on the warpath! (Picture: ITV)

a defeated In the Kabin, Steve and George disclose that they have set up a crowdfunding website in the hopes of saving the Rovers, while Jenny informs Daisy that a real estate developer will be visiting to assess the bar.

George tells Gemma that given their past relationship, she might be able to convince Henry to reconsider buying the property by using her feminine cunning. Will it function? Gemma expects to work on a cider campaign as she checks into a hotel.

The only reason Henry wanted some time alone with her was because there was no promotion, he says. Chesney is furious to learn that Gemma lied to him and rushes to the hotel when George hints that she would see Henry and try to use her magic on him.

A developer named Richard phones the Rovers. Steve and George are devastated to learn that Jenny has no choice except to sell the business, according to Daisy.

At home, Gemma clarifies that she wasn’t interested in Henry and was merely attempting to save the Rovers.

Lou approaches as Carla and Stephen watch a customer leave the factory, and Stephen’s heart breaks. Lou tells Carla and Stephen that the coroner determined that Rufus died inadvertently.

Lou explains to Stephen that in her opinion, Rufus’ drug-related demise still doesn’t add up. She is reassured by Stephen that the incident was undoubtedly terrible.

Stu wants answers from Eliza (Picture: ITV)

Sam learns from Eliza that she fears her mother would try to prevent her from visiting her father. Eliza has been in communication with her father, according to Stu, who contacts Bridget to let her know.

Lauren declines a call from her father at number 8, but she tells Max that she still misses him.

Shona informs Lauren that she has secured her employment at the café. Although thankful, Lauren is anxious.

Adam returns from his night out disheveled and tells Daniel that he had a fantastic time and didn’t get much sleep in an effort to make Sarah envious.

Friday August 11

The evidence is mounting against Stephen (Picture: ITV)

a guilty When Jools, Rufus’ son, asks Stephen how he knew his father, he fumbles and rushes out of the memorial. He tells Carla on his way back from the plant with the workers that he felt it would make Rufus appear more well-liked.

As Lou and Carla listen to Jools’ tearful statement about his father, Stephen quickly leaves for the men’s room. When he comes back, Lou shows him the bag that contains Rufus’ belongings that were discovered at the pool’s edge, and he is shocked to see his tie pin inside.

Peter is compelled to admit to Carla that he discovered the watch in the back of his cab and pawned it for her treatment when Lou brings up Rufus’ lost watch.

When Lou says she’s going to show the tie pin to the police because it wasn’t Rufus’, Stephen is astonished.

Gemma regrets that the tavern is being put up for sale because she believes she could stop the sale if Chesney would allow her collaborate with Henry. Chesney receives a call from Bernie at the kebab restaurant telling him to put his hate of Henry aside and show Gemma that he can count on her to work with Henry.

When Gemma runs across Henry at the police station, she offers him a job in exchange for his vow to rescue the tavern. Henry is ecstatic.

At number five, Gemma informs Chesney that Henry has agreed to purchase the Rovers, but only if she accepts a position as his personal assistant. Chesney holds her, burying his worry.

Max bids Lauren well and promises to drop by the cafe to cheer her up. Shona reassures Roy that although Lauren had a difficult time at first, she will soon get the swing of it.

Lauren receives a text message from Max informing her that he won’t have time to stop by the café when Sabrina approaches and proposes they meet up at No. 8. Unaware of him, a dejected Lauren stands across the street and observes him as he walks with Sabrina toward his house.

Sabrina tells Max that she sincerely likes him but that a relationship is out of the question as long as Lauren is still around. When Lauren gets home, she informs Max and Shona that Roy has granted her the position permanently.

Eliza receives an apology from Stu for how he treated her father. Eliza is implacable. Eliza is facetiming her father when Yasmeen and Stu arrive at their house. When Stu loses his fury, a fight breaks out.

Hope works on her solo in front of Ruby with the full expectation that she would be cast as the lead in the Little Big Shotz summer production.

At the community center, Glenda makes the announcement that Eliza, Ciara, and Hope will be Ruby’s backup vocalists and that Ruby has been cast as the lead. Hope is shrewd while Ruby is overjoyed.

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