Coronation Street spoilers as trio of residents suffer accidents, romance heats up and there’s a return

A number of shocking accidents take place in the ITV soap

Ken Barlow in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

Next week on Coronation Street, there will be a lot of dramatic and heartbreaking scenes as two of the show’s favourites get into the same accident and another is about to go to court to find out what will happen to her when she hears of another horrifying tragedy.

Toyah Battersby, for example, is shocked to receive a delivery of yellow flowers at the Bistro at the beginning of the week. She informs Nick that Rowan had to have reported her to the police, elucidating the importance that viewers had previously found was the flower she would carry to the cemetery where she buried her stillborn baby daughter some years ago.

Then, with the flowers in hand and the card in front of her, an angry Toyah confronts her sister Leanne Battersby, who acknowledges that she did share Rowan her secret. Nick soon makes his way back home, telling Leanne that they are either done together or she must sever all links to Rowan and the Institute.

When Leanne gets home later and a remorseful Nick questions her about Rowan, a furious Leanne tells him she would never cheat on him. Toyah and Nick agree that their kiss was a mistake. While everything is going on, Rowan stops by the Bistro on his motorcycle and gives Leanne an extra helmet while telling her he has a surprise in store for her.

Nick is furious and Toyah is shocked when Leanne leaves, leaving Nick and Toyah to handle the noon rush alone. Over a video chat, Rowan presents Leanne to Willow, the institute’s CEO, at a hotel restaurant. Then he informs Leanne, who is pleased, that she will soon be allowed to bring in new members on her own.

Once back on the streets, Toyah gets a shocking call as she leaves for her court date at the Institute. With a pale face, Toyah rushes to the emergency room and informs the nurse at the counter that she received a call about her sister Leanne being involved in a motorcycle accident. Toyah is shocked when the police tell her later that her kid may now be released for burial.

Running to the hospital is Toyah. (Photo: ITV)

Bobby Crawford apologises to Ken during Stu Carpenter’s birthday celebration for putting Daniel Osbourne in hot water over Lauren Bolton’s disappearance. Bobby observes that Ken is unstable on his feet and not feeling good as he leaves for home.

Angry. Bobby taps on Ken’s door, but he doesn’t get a response. Shocked, he peeks through the letterbox and finds Ken unconscious at the foot of the stairs. Bobby heads back home to get his belongings and makes an ambulance call.

Ken tumbles down the steps. (Photo: ITV)

Later, when Ken is visited by Daniel and Steve McDonald in the hospital, he is horrified to learn that he will need 24-hour care while he heals. Ken fakes a grin as Steve reassures him that the family will come together to make sure he gets the care he needs to be safe in his own house.

Billy Mayhew and Paul Foreman, meanwhile, go to an appointment with the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) nurse, who informs them that Billy will not be able to utilise his stair lift as his weakening neck muscles worsen.

Later, the Eyegaze expert shows Paul how to use his new equipment in the apartment above the flower store. Upon her return from America, Summer Spelman also discloses that she has a new boyfriend named Felix, who is eager to meet them at the Rovers. However, Paul tumbles down the stairs just as Billy and he are about to leave the apartment. Summer comes with Felix, and Todd Grimshaw shows up when Paul is getting well. What kind of meeting will it be?

Summer brings Felix, her new lover, home. (Photo: ITV)

Glenda Shuttleworth also shows Michael Bailey the way out of the bar via the back door after they spend the night together. Debbie Webster agrees to mediate when Dee Dee Bailey advises George Shuttleworth that doing so will save them both money. Mary Taylor relays this information to Glenda. Afterwards, Glenda meets Michael in the ginnel, gives him a peck on the lips, grabs his hand, and ushers him into the Rovers.

George is furious when Glenda subsequently discloses that RestEasy is eager to purchase Shuttleworths. After that, Michael phones the Rovers and discovers George and Glenda arguing. Enter Michael, who declares that he and Glenda are now a couple and that he ought to treat her with more decency. Michael is frightened, but Glenda puts herself next to him and pulls him in for a kiss, telling him she feels the same way, which makes Michael happy.

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