Emmerdale spoiler video: Mack outrageously grovels to Charity to help lover he cheated with

With his tail between his legs and preparing to speak with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) about having Reuben’s christening at the bar, Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) returns to his former residence in Emmerdale.

After having a one-night affair with Chloe (Jessie Elland) and discovering he is the father of her child, Mack is now dating Chloe.

In the revelation, Charity threw Mack out and told him there was no chance of them ever getting back together.

Chloe wanted to cancel Reuben’s christening recently in the village because she was convinced that no one would show up in light of the previous incident.

Mack decided to start a relationship with Chloe so they could be a family with Reuben (Picture: ITV)

Mack was successful in getting her to alter her mind, and in this latest video, he concentrates on the location.

Charity informs him that the event may still be held in the bar, but she can’t help but make a few remarks about how Chloe couldn’t ask her and how she always manages to get what she wants.

Mack and Chloe will hold the christening in the pub (Picture: ITV)

Charity halts the jokes and promises to behave herself, understanding that Mack would be quite touched by the occasion considering Reuben’s prenatal health issues.

Both Charity and Mack will soon abandon their best behavior as they give in to their emotions and decide to sleep together.

After that, Mack is worried that Chloe will find out and goes to Butlers for counsel from Moira. Moira slaps him in the face with reality and tells him that he has to get his act together right away or he’ll lose Reuben if Chloe finds out. He needs to decide who he wants and then take the necessary actions to make it so.

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