Coronation Street spoilers: Evelyn and Roy at loggerheads as she moves in – over potatoes

Evelyn expressed dissatisfaction with her new housemate (Image: ITV).

Recently, Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper (David Neilson) found a way to solve a particularly particular set of housing issues.

Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) was reluctant to live with Cassie (Claire Sweeney), who had moved in with Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and the daughters. This meant that Evelyn had to remain at the precinct flat, holding onto a hot water bottle since the situation was not comfortable.

Roy’s plan was for Evelyn to move in with him and give the precinct apartment to Lauren (Cait Fitton), who was also seeking for a place to live.

Roy has shared apartments with a variety of people throughout the years. Of course, there was his adored wife Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh). However, at other periods, both Roy’s niece Nina (Mollie Gallagher) and Carla Connor (Alison King) have lived there for an extended period of time. I mean, even William Roache’s Ken Barlow has stayed at the apartment.

Therefore, Roy has shown that he is willing to adjust to the demands and behaviours of individuals who are extremely different from himself, even if he is one of the most bizarre characters on the Street.

Evelyn Plummer, on the other hand, is completely unique. And in the episode that aired on Wednesday, September 13, things did not start off well for the well-known irascible great-grandmother.

Roy woke her up early in the morning to listen to the Shipping Forecast, to begin with. He finds it comforting, but she finds it unsettling when others speak about “German bights and dogging.” Roy volunteered to listen with headphones, but Evelyn wasn’t about to back down. She had a point to make.

She ran back to the apartment, ordering Roy to go grocery shopping since his cabinets were bare.

Roy made an effort to be understanding (Image: ITV)

Afterwards, Tyrone reminded Evelyn that Roy was the one doing her a favour and not the other way around, so he advised her to be kind with Roy. As a result, she left to go shopping alone.

Roy was the one who pointed fingers when she came back. Evelyn told him they were eating salad, jacket potatoes, and lamb chops.

Delightful, he said. Yes, potentially.

Was he disparaging Evelyn’s ability to cook? I mean, no. What was bothering him was her choice of food. These weren’t his favourite choice; they were simply regular baked potatoes: “Pieris Maris.” The Cadillac of baked potatoes

Evelyn stormed off, but she later came back, apologising for “stalking out” and carrying a bag of Roy’s favourite root veggies.

With regret, he said, “I was so lofty on the potato front.”

She assured him, “There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like.”

Although it seemed like everyone was at ease again, Evelyn was becoming agitated, Roy was attempting to diffuse the situation, and by the time they returned to the apartment, the topic of Shipping Forecast had come up again.

They’ll be the greatest flatmates if they can get through this transitional phase without murdering each other, but for now, they’re comic gold for the audience.

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