Coronation Street spoilers: Tim saved from death as he and Sally are reunited after trauma

A panicked Tim tries to run to safety from Stephen in Corrie
Tim has been missing (Picture: ITV)

After being attacked by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) in Coronation Street and left to die, Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) is still alive.

Stephen’s reign came to an end in Friday’s (October 13) ITV soap opera when Peter (Chris Gascoyne) struck him and killed him.

As the citizens of Weatherfield attempted to comprehend all that Stephen had done, which included abusing Sarah (Tina O’Brien) and kidnapping Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), Sally (Sally Dynevor) and Elaine (Paula Wilcox) continued to search frantically for information on Tim’s whereabouts.

After being severely assaulted by Stephen, who then placed an unconscious Tim in the boot of his car and was ready to set it on fire, Tim vanished at the beginning of the week.

In the episode from Monday, October 16, Tim was still imprisoned and scurried around, trying to figure out how to get out.

Luckily, he used a screwdriver to unlock the boot and fell to the ground. Tim was not feeling well at all. He had scratches and bruises all over his face and had gone two nights without food or drink.

Tim got into the car and finished the little water from a bottle in the glove box before using his radio to talk to someone on the other end of the line.

Tim was trapped in a car boot for two nights (Picture: ITV)

Peter was the one who hurriedly came over from the precinct so Sally could talk to him.

Peter, Sally, and Elaine went to the station to speak with DS Swain (Vicky Myers) when the radio went out.

The subject of Peter punching Stephen came up again when they were in the lobby. Peter said that he knew it would be either Jenny or Stephen who would die in the seconds before the crash.

Sally was desperate for an update on Tim (Picture: ITV)

Unaware that DS Swain was listening in on their whole discussion, Peter said that the correct person had passed away. This provided her sufficient justification to have Peter arrested for murder.

He realized he had no option but to begin trekking through the woods in the hopes that he would eventually come upon a road while the hunt for Tim continued elsewhere.

Fortunately, he did, and Tim flagged down a car that was approaching with a shout.

After that, Tim was taken to the hospital and eventually saw Sally again.

Although Tim’s nightmare is finally ended, what long-term effects will this have on him?

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