Coronation Street spoilers: Devastated Paul horrified by future in wheelchair

Things change for Paul again (Picture: ITV)

The signs of Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) motor neuron illness keep becoming worse on Coronation Street.

The beloved character in the ITV soap opera meets Shelley at a support group in a recent episode. When Paul first saw Shelley, who is in a wheelchair and has a personal helper named Cags, he was surprised.

Paul has learned a lot more about his future life as MND worsens because to his friendship with Shelley.

As he tries to hide the difficulty he’s having using his right leg in forthcoming episodes, Paul receives yet more warning that his health is failing.

Billy (Daniel Brocklebank), who later arrives home with a walking assistance for his partner, notices the issue.

Billy hears Paul attempt to use the device, but he acknowledges that it will take some getting accustomed to.

Billy gently promotes the notion of Paul using a wheelchair instead, but he is appalled. Billy is always trying to assist.

Paul’s birthday is the next week, and Billy gives him an engagement ring.

Paul falls (Picture: ITV)

Paul is shocked to see so many people when he arrives to the Bistro for the joint celebration with Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell).

Gemma proposes that Paul take Bryn to the park, but the small boy escapes while he’s there.

Paul makes an attempt to pursue him, but his feeble leg forces him to fall to the ground.

When Paul gets back to the apartment, he reveals that he can’t climb the stairs, so Billy and Todd (Gareth Pierce) assist him in getting there.

Paul grudgingly acknowledges that it might be necessary to install a stair lift after all, feeling dejected.

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