Coronation Street spoilers: Dev’s drastic action against Aadi may destroy them forever

Dev offers Courtney £5k to dump Aadi (Picture: ITV)

Jimmy Harkishin’s character, Dev Alahan, was shocked to find out that his son Aadi (Adam Hussain) had been having an affair with Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) on Coronation Street. He plans to take immediate and dramatic measures to break up the relationship.

Things have been harder since Courtney moved in with the Alahan family; because of Courtney’s actions, the family isn’t exactly getting along.

Actress Stephanie Davis said, “For Courtney she’s completely made herself at home straight away in true Courtney style—feet up on the couch, taking forever in the shower.” “Asha is causing annoyance to everyone, but Courtney is completely unaware of what she is doing.”

Due to this, even though they still have very little money, Courtney starts to put pressure on Aadi to find them a house of their own.

She is utterly deluded. Stephanie said, “She’s looking at these big, fancy flats in really beautiful areas.” God help him, he’s trying to say, “We can’t really get that,” very sweetly. “But this has a feature wall!” she exclaims. She has just been so accustomed to leading that lifestyle that she is unaware of it.

Courtney and Aadi leap at the chance to rent Shelly’s flat, as Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove), eager to return things to as they were, declares.

“I think she will definitely get a serious reality check when she sees the flat.” This comes as a little shock to her system. But now that she’s done it, she doesn’t want to look foolish in front of Darren.

In an effort to make things work, Courtney agrees to pay for the deposit by giving up her rings, and they decide to use the remaining funds to go out and celebrate.

Coincidentally, Ryan Early, Courtney’s ex-husband, is there at the Bistro for the golf club celebration, and she seizes every chance to show him how much she has changed.

Will Courtney take the money? (Picture: ITV)

She knows Darren is there, so she does show up there intentionally. It should say something like, “Look at us, we’re okay.” She’s snogging him as usual, but this time she’s doing it in front of him to see how he would respond. It’s just bluster. It’s all, “See me, I’m doing fantastic.” And I believe she has approached everything in her life in that same manner. However, it’s plainly not.

Darren is irritated by her incessant snogging of Aadi and loud conversations about their new flat, and soon Dev is winking as Aadi and Darren face them other.

Enraged by Dev’s jealousy, Darren draws him aside as the dust settles and offers him £5k to divide Courtney and Aadi.

After taking the money, Dev quickly gives it to Courtney, telling her that it will be hers if she ditches Aadi.

She feels that it’s Darren’s money, but I can’t give too much away at this point. She probably understands that Dev isn’t quite capable of it; after all, he’s a huge softie. And that’s when the cat and mouse game starts between Courtney and Dev.

As she’s finishing up with Devvy, they play a little game of cat and mouse, and I wonder what she’s going to do with the money. Will she tell Aadi what her dad did and say, “This is what’s happened”? Could she turn it around and utilise it against them?

“Courtney may act foolish, but she’s incredibly smart and astute, always thinking ahead of the game.”

Will she fall for it, or does her love for Aadi take precedence above his money? And if Aadi learned of Dev’s treachery, what would be his reaction? Could this be the final straw in their relationship?

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