Emmerdale confirms huge twist as Ryan and Gail have a son – who needs their help

Would Gail inform Ryan? (Image: ITV)

In the Emmerdale episode airing on Thursday, September 21, Rachel Gill-Davis, the girlfriend of James Moore’s character Ryan Stocks, played by Gail, met Sophie, who provided the explanation for why she had been receiving strange calls this week.

Oscar’s adopted mother is Sophie, portrayed by Martha Cope. Oscar is the adoptive child of Gail and Ryan, as we discovered during Sophie and Gail’s talk at the allotment.

The newcomer verified that Oscar requires a stem cell transplant as part of his therapy for a specific form of cancer. At their meeting, Gail and Sophie were acting reticently as they knew they shouldn’t be speaking, but a frantic Sophie revealed that she wanted Gail to take a test to determine whether she might assist Oscar.

Meet Oscar’s adoptive mother, Sophie, who Gail met (Picture: ITV)

Additionally, she said that it would be ideal if Ryan took the exam as well, but Gail refuted this by saying that she had no communication with him—a complete fabrication, as we all know.

We’re left wondering what tale Ryan has been given about his kid because Gail neglected to update us on her whereabouts back at the bar.

Although Gail doesn’t seem particularly evil, why is she withholding this important information from Ryan?

Will she still have covert meetings with Sophie?

In the event that she is not a match for Oscar’s transplant, what will she do?

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